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Industry experts estimate the global yacht charter market to be around $25.2 billion by the end of 2026. The market is expected to see significant growth owing to the increase in coastal activities and marine tourism around the world. In addition, the rising standard of living and increasing business tourism worldwide is expected to drive the market further. Especially the 20-50 meter luxury yacht segment will see higher growth due to the low operating costs, effort, and fuel consumption of yachts of this length.


You can have your yacht built and equipped according to your ideas. Or you can purchase a pre-owned yacht with our support. Our charter management ensures a corresponding utilization, the charter income covers the running costs, and your yacht refinances itself. Our expertise helps you to limit the risk to a minimum. Our yacht management service ensures that your luxury vessel is always professionally maintained and cared for without you having to worry about it. You, therefore, own a yacht but don’t have to worry about the associated work and costs.


We offer individual solutions for investing in luxury yachts. It has never been easier to earn money from a yacht investment, as your yacht is available for charter with us and generates income during the season. For each season, you specify your preferred time for personal use, and in the remaining time, we will take over the charter management of your yacht.

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