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How much does it cost to charter a Yacht from Below Deck?

If you’ve watched Below Deck or Below Deck Mediterranean, you have surely been absorbed by the captivating drama of the cast’s lives. But more stunning than the cast are the beautiful superyachts that serve as the stage for the drama. But how much does it cost?
It costs $140,000 to $275,000 per week to charter a yacht from ‘Below Deck’. The average price you should expect to pay is north of $180,000 to charter a boat that has been on the later seasons of ‘Below Deck’. But if you get featured on the show, you’ll probably only pay half of the charter rate due to a 50% discount from the production.
In this article, you will learn more about the prices of those yachts featured in the famous TV show. You will also find out whether Captain Lee comes with the yachts and how you can meet the cast and crew of ‘Below Deck’ in real life. But first, let’s explore the process of chartering a yacht from ‘Below Deck’.

How to charter a Yacht from ‘Below Deck’?

Below Deck Yacht Scirocco
Below Deck is a reality series shot by a production company that doesn’t own the yachts showed. So every yacht chartered by the guests is also chartered by the production (to an extent). In other words, all of these yachts are available for rent or charter.


Because the average yacht on the show is worth over 18 million dollars, most yacht rentals don’t let the production shoot on their yachts for free promotion. In such instances, there is no exchange of free marketing and discounts, which is why most boats you see on the show have their names disguised with a show version name. Below, you’ll find the list of all the featured yachts and their real names.

Season Show Name Real Name Longueur Tarif de location
Season 9 MY SEANNA STARSHIP 185′ From $260,000/week
Season 8 MY SEANNA STARSHIP 185′ From $260,000/week
Season 7 VALOR BG 153.10′ From €140,000/week
Season 6 MY SEANNA STARSHIP 185′ From $260,000/week
Season 5 VALOR BG 153.10′ From €140,000/week
Season 4 VALOR BG 153.10′ From €140,000/week
Season 3 EROS STAY SALTY 161′ Not Available
Season 2 OHANA STAR DIAMOND 154′ From $160,000/week
Season 1 HONOR BARENTS 164.1′ From €155,000/week
Season Show Name Real Name Longueur Tarif de location
Mediterranean 6 LADY MICHELLE LADY MICHELLE 180′ From $275,000/week
Mediterranean 5 THE WELLINGTON THE WELLESLEY 184’5 From €230,000/week
Mediterranean 4 SIROCCO SIROCCO 154.2′ From €180,000/week
Mediterranean 3 TALISMAN MAITON TALISMAN MAITON 177.1′ From €231,000/week
Mediterranean 4 SIROCCO SIROCCO 154.2′ From €180,000/week
Mediterranean 1 IONIAN PRINCESS IONIAN PRINCESS 150′ Not Available


How high are the prices for Yachts from ‘Below Deck’?

The prices range from $140,000 to $241,000 to charter a yacht from ‘Below Deck’. You can see the detailed prices in the table above.
Captain Lee and Crew

Can you get Captain Lee on your Yacht?

Captain Lee is not attached to any specific yacht from the show ‘Below Deck’. If you charter a yacht from the show, there is no guarantee that the crew will be the same cast as it was on ‘Below Deck’. On the other hand, you can charter a yacht that’s never been featured on the show and still get Captain Lee. Please contact us upfront if you want to charter a specific yacht from the show and if you have any wishes regarding the crew. You can request Captain Lee for your yacht charter and specifically request for his staff from ‘Below Deck’. We at Noblesse Yachts will make all the arrangements for you. But that doesn’t guarantee you’ll be featured on the reality TV series ‘Below Deck’, as not all of Captain Lee’s adventures are featured in the series.

An easier way to meet Captain Lee and his crew is to apply for the show. Instead of paying for a superyacht charter and Captain Lee independently, you can book them as a package deal – if you are willing to be featured on the show. Please note that Captain Lee Yacht availability keeps decreasing by the minute. He has brand deals, collaborations, and other engagements that can further narrow his time for in-person captaining. In other words, getting the stud of the sea to captain your yacht will take far more than the average yacht captain’s quote.

For fans of captain Lee on Below Deck, there are meet-and-greet events as well as the option to get a personalized video message.

Getting featured on the Netflix-Show ‘Below Deck’: The Process

Getting featured on Below Deck entails:

  • answering the casting call of the production company that shoots the show
  • willingness to pay 50% of the yacht charter price and 100% of the staff tips
  • getting interviewed by the casting director

Your chances of getting featured on ‘Below Deck’ are higher than with any other reality show simply because you have to pay a significant amount yourself. This reduces the number of people competing to be on the show. Still, you must prove yourself camera-worthy before the production chooses you for the show. To get featured on ‘Below Deck’, you can apply on the production company’s official casting page on Casting Crane.
Film Production Below Deck Show

How to charter a yacht from ‘Below Deck’ – without actually being on the show

If you want to rent a yacht from ‘Below Deck’, you can simply nous contacter. We have all available dates, charter prices, and itineraries for every yacht featured on the show. Is your preferred yacht not available? Don’t worry. The yacht charter market is BIG, and we can almost guarantee that we will find a suitable option for your desired dates or destination.

Are there any hidden costs when chartering a yacht from ‘Below Deck’?

Although charter prices for yachts from ‘Below Deck’ start at a whopping $140,000 per week, these prices don’t include standard charter extras. Alongside paying for the staff tips (usually 10% of the charter price), you may need to pay for docking fees, applicable taxes, and the APA (advance provisioning allowance).

We will gladly calculate any applicable extra costs to avoid you getting surprised by hidden fees and taxes. Depending on the destination, the docking fees will be listed and accessible (to an extent).

What you need to know before getting aboard a yacht on ‘Below Deck’

  • You have to pay – The production will contribute to your yacht charter, but you will not leave the show with any profit. That distinguishes the show from many other reality shows. However, you will save a significant amount of money, that’s for sure.
  • You’ll get a discount on the charter rate – The production will pay for 50% of the yacht charter price. The trend shows that they choose bigger yachts with every season because people are willing to pay more to get on the screen.
  • You pay 100% of the staff tips – That’s usually 10% of the charter’s total price. You might want to tip more if you want to show your generosity.
  • You are willing to ‘work’ on your vacation – It really does involve work, as you have to be camera-ready and may have to re-enact real-life interactions if cameras are unavailable when something significant happens.

  • Crew of Below Deck Show Netflix

    What is the minimal booking period for a Luxury Yacht Rental?

    Whether you are on ‘Below Deck’ or not, superyachts are usually chartered on a weekly basis. In some countries, the micro-rental concept has been introduced where one can rent a yacht for a day or even a few hours.
    Here are some regions/countries where you can micro-rent a yacht:

  • Maldives – Decent yacht availability, low rates
  • Turkey – Broader superyacht availability, good rates
  • Dubai – Superyachts are available for hourly, sharing, and rental. Expensive
  • Grèce – Narrow yacht availability, low rates
  • Croatie – Narrowest yacht availability, low rates

    Is it worth it?

    Reality TV is hyper-dramatized life, but it can also be a lot of fun – with the right group of people. If you want to live out an experience close to the luxury and opulence displayed on ‘Below Deck’, without all the media attention involved, simply charter a superyacht of your own. In fact, you can charter the exact luxury yachts as featured on the show. Let us assist you! Contact us here or send us an .
    Captain Lee checks crew before guests arrive

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