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About Noblesse Yachts®:

At Noblesse Yachts®, we are not just about charters and regattas; we are about crafting unparalleled experiences. Our Swiss-based lineage, infused with a global outreach, positions us uniquely to cater to the discerning customer seeking exclusivity and elegance. From the sun-kissed Mediterranean to the azure waters of the Caribbean, our fleet of bespoke yachts promises an escapade like no other.

Our Core Essence:

Bespoke Yacht Experiences: At the heart of Noblesse Yachts®, lies the passion to create personalized and unforgettable moments on the water. Whether it’s gliding along the majestic shores of the Mediterranean or basking in the Caribbean’s turquoise embrace, each Noblesse Yacht voyage is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted to your desires.

Unique Sailing Regattas: We specialize in offering participatory experiences at renowned sailing events. Our guests don’t just witness; they become an integral part of the sailing adventure, experiencing the thrill of the race aboard legendary yachts.

Luxury Beyond Boundaries: From private charters to corporate events, our services extend far and beyond. We ensure that every aspect of your journey – whether on land or sea – is imbued with luxury, comfort, and unparalleled service.

A Commitment to Excellence: Our team, a blend of seasoned yachting professionals and enthusiastic connoisseurs, is dedicated to providing not just a service but also an experience that is seamlessly luxurious and meticulously planned. We believe that every journey should be as unique as the traveller. Our tailor-made itineraries and concierge services are not just about meeting expectations but about creating moments that resonate with your soul.

What We Offer:

Yacht Charter: Dive into the heart of luxury with our bespoke yacht charter services. Whether seeking a private getaway or planning a grand corporate event, choose from our exclusive fleet that promises elegance and adventure. Our yachts are more than just vessels; they’re gateways to extraordinary experiences, offering you the freedom to explore hidden gems and bask in the beauty of the seas with elegance and comfort.

Yacht Management: Entrust your prized vessel to our expert hands. Our comprehensive yacht management services are crafted to ensure your yacht remains in pristine condition, ready to sail at a moment’s notice. From routine maintenance to comprehensive servicing, we assure you that your yacht is not only prepared to sail but also a testament to luxury and excellence, awaiting your next adventure.

Yacht Sharing: Explore the innovative world of yacht sharing with Noblesse Yachts. This unique service offers you the luxury of yacht ownership without the full commitment. Share a yacht with like-minded enthusiasts, enjoying access to a magnificent vessel and the freedom of the seas at a fraction of the cost. It’s an ideal solution for those who yearn for the yachting lifestyle with more flexibility and less responsibility.

Sport and Lifestyle Events: Engage in exhilarating races, with professional crews aboard. Be it a novice or a seasoned sailor, our regattas offer something for everyone.

Our Heritage:

Swiss Precision in Maritime Excellence: At Noblesse Yachts®, our heritage is a harmonious blend of Swiss precision and global maritime tradition. Rooted in the renowned Swiss values of meticulous craftsmanship, attention to detail, and relentless pursuit of perfection, we bring these qualities to the forefront of every yachting experience.

Our Promise:

You Imagine – We Create: This isn’t just our motto; it’s our commitment to you. Every journey with Noblesse Yachts® is more than just a voyage; it’s the creation of lifetime memories, crafted with the utmost care and delivered with impeccable service.

Our Invitation:

Join us at Noblesse Yachts®: Where each journey is an odyssey of emotions, a dance with the waves, and a romance with the sea. For a voyage that echoes with the laughter of loved ones, the thrill of discovery, and the serenity of the ocean, connect with us at or explore our world at

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We are dedicated to creating not just a journey, but a symphony of unforgettable nautical moments.

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