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Régates Royales Cannes

22. - 29. September 2024

race to victory

The Régates Royales in Cannes sets sail for another year of thrilling races.

The Régates Royales Cannes has been the annual meeting point for the most successful sailors worldwide since 1929. The event brings together some of the world’s most skilled sailors and spectacular sailing vessels. The beautiful classic boats that take part in the Régates Royales Cannes offer a stunning view, not only for the sailors but also for the audience.


The regatta features one of the most important Dragon races of the year, as well as a variety of races for classic sailing yachts, motorboats, and schooners. Dragon sailing boats are narrow, fast keelboats used for racing and leisure sailing, crewed by three or four sailors. In addition to the sailing competitions, there are also a variety of social events, parties, and boat parades, making it a true highlight of every yachting calendar.


The Régates Royales Cannes is not just a sailing competition but also a celebration of the rich history and culture of sailing, attracting sailing enthusiasts from all over the world, making it a truly international festivity of the sport of sailing. It’s a celebration of the history and tradition of sailing where we honour the greatest yacht designers of their time, such as William Fife III, Johan Anker, Charles Ernest Nicholson, and Henry Rasmussen, who have left a lasting legacy in the yachting world.

What is the Régates Royales Cannes?

The Régates Royales in Cannes is a celebration of all things nautical. Every year, the world’s most beautiful yachts and their crews gather in the sparkling waters of the French Riviera to compete in a series of thrilling races. These races take place for classic sailing yachts, motorboats, and schooners. The Régates Royales Cannes also features a “concours d’elegance” and a grand parade of boats.


But the Régates Royales is so much more than just a sailing competition. It’s also about the people and the community that come together to celebrate the love of sailing. The sailors, the spectators, the designers, and the yacht builders all come together to share their passion for the sea. In addition to the sailing competitions, there are also a variety of social events and parties, making it a true highlight of the yachting calendar.

How much does it cost to participate in the Régates Royales Cannes?

Premium-Regatta-Bundle: From € 13.950,- per person (8 days)


Single Day Ticket: From € 1.690,- per person (only 2 spots per day available)


We know how crucial it is for you to have a comfortable and delightful stay. Whether you’re here to take part in the Régates Royales Cannes or simply to relish the ambience, you can have peace of mind that we have attended to every detail to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Get ready for the ultimate sailing experience with us! 


Included in your Single Day Ticket:

  • Race aboard a classic yacht together with a professional crew and skipper
  • Delicious bites and refreshments aboard
  • A “Splice the Mainbrace” drink back in the marina
  • Lively evening parties with entertainment 
  • A participation certificate and nautical mile confirmation for your seaman’s book
  • All taxes and fees are included


Additionally included in your Premium-Regatta-Bundle:

  • 5 exciting racing days
  • Private shuttle service from and to the airport 
  • Convenient on-site shuttle service to important events
  • Learn the ropes with a 1-day briefing and manoeuvre training at sea
  • Champagne, spirits and Oliva premium cigars
  • Exclusive crew parties
  • High-quality crew uniform
  • Professional photos and videos from the week
  • On-site 24/7 multilingual event support 
  • Opening, closing, and award ceremonies or parties


Please note that accommodation has to be booked individually.

What is included in the Premium-Regatta-Bundle?

We understand the importance of tailoring our sailing experiences to meet your unique needs. Recognizing that some of our guests may have different requirements or may not need accommodation at all, we offer a variety of options. 


Whether you’re joining us to participate in the thrilling sailing events at the Régates Royales Cannes or to savour the maritime atmosphere, rest assured that every aspect of your journey has been meticulously planned.

From the moment of your welcome, complete with a champagne toast, to the professional guidance you’ll receive on board, we’re committed to making your sailing adventure with us nothing short of perfect.


Included in your Premium-Regatta-Bundle:  

  • 5 exciting race days with a professional crew and skipper
  • Private shuttle service from and to the airport
  • Champagne and bites at the exclusive welcome gathering
  • Convenient on-site shuttle service to important events
  • Learn the ropes with a 1-day briefing and manoeuvre training at sea 
  • Our classic yacht is exclusively reserved for our guests
  • Delicious bites and cool beverages during sailing and racing
  • A “Splice the Mainbrace” of champagne, beer, and wine back in the marina after each sailing and racing day
  • Premium spirits and Oliva premium cigars
  • Lively evening entertainment and exclusive crew parties
  • High-quality crew uniform
  • On-site 24/7 English, German and Dutch event support
  • Opening, closing & award ceremonies and parties
  • A participation certificate and nautical mile confirmation for your seaman’s book
  • Professional photos and videos from the week
  • All taxes and fees are included

What is included in the Single Day Ticket?

You now have the ultimate chance to be part of the Régates Royales Cannes for just 1 day. With our Single Day Tickets, you get a chance to experience this unique adventure for a day of your choice. Please note that Single Day Tickets for the Régates Royales in Cannes are limited to 2 spots per day.


Included in your Single Day Ticket:

  • Race aboard a classic yacht together with a professional crew and skipper
  • Delicious bites and refreshments aboard
  • A “Splice the Mainbrace” drink back in the marina
  • Lively evening parties with entertainment 
  • A participation certificate and nautical mile confirmation for your seaman’s book
  • All taxes and fees are included

Is it possible to reserve the entire yacht for exclusive use?

You certainly have the option to secure the entire yacht for your exclusive use. A variety of private and corporate events make the exclusive reservation of an entire yacht an attractive possibility:


  • Private Parties: People looking to host private celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays
  • Corporate Events: Companies seeking a unique setting for corporate retreats, teambuilding activities, or client entertainment
  • Families and Friends: Groups of friends or extended families wanting an exclusive sailing experience
  • Luxury Travelers: Travelers seeking a personalized and luxurious vacation experience
  • Charter Companies: Businesses specializing in yacht charters for events, vacations, or special occasions
  • Celebrity or VIP Guests: High-profile individuals or celebrities wanting privacy and exclusivity during their sailing experience


We provide exclusive booking options for a variety of yachts. Please do not hesitate to contact us, as we are dedicated to providing tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. Reach out to

Can I participate at the Régates Royales Cannes with my own yacht?

Do you own a yacht and want to participate at the Régates Royales in Cannes without the hassle of organizing berth, accommodation, food, and entertainment? If so, you’ve come to the right place!


We provide a range of services, including:

  • Logistics and navigation support
  • Concierge services such as airport on-site shuttle, coordination of onshore events, and planning accommodation and meals
  • Crew coordination assistance, whether you need help assembling a skilled crew or hiring a skipper
  • And much more


Explore our blog, the Regatta 101 Guide, or contact  for additional details.

Are there different activities me or my partner might enjoy?

Your partner is accompanying you to Cannes but doesn’t want to participate in the entire sailing program? Or do you yourself want to take a day off? Don’t worry, Cannes has plenty of alternatives to offer. We’d be happy to help you create a diverse itinerary. Here are some suggestions for you:


Landmarks and Culture in Cannes:

  • Promenade de la Croisette: This famous waterfront promenade is lined with luxurious boutiques, chic cafes, and offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Perfect for leisurely strolls and soaking in the maritime atmosphere.
  • Old Town of Cannes (Le Suquet): Explore the charming cobblestone streets of the old town. Visit the Notre-Dame de l’Espérance church and the Castle Museum to enjoy a panoramic view of the city and the harbour.


  • Musée de la Castre: Situated in a medieval castle, this museum showcases an intriguing collection of artworks and historical artefacts.
  • Centre d’Art La Malmaison: A contemporary art centre housed in a former hotel, displaying modern artworks.

Markets and Shopping:

  • Marché Forville: A vibrant local market where you can discover fresh produce, regional specialities, and handmade goods. Ideal for an authentic glimpse into the local culture.
  • Shopping: Cannes offers numerous shopping opportunities, from exclusive high-end boutiques along the Croisette to charming small shops in the Old Town. 

Beaches and Wellness:

  • Beaches: Cannes boasts both public beaches and exclusive beach clubs lining the Croisette. Perfect for sunbathing and swimming in the clear Mediterranean waters.
  • Wellness and Spa: Many hotels and resorts in Cannes offer luxurious spa treatments and comprehensive wellness programs, ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Culinary Experiences:

  • Restaurants and Cafés: Cannes is renowned for its top-notch culinary offerings. Numerous restaurants and cafes provide a wide array of cuisine, from upscale dining to local specialities.

Excursions and Day Trips:

  • Trips Îles de Lérins: A day trip to the nearby islands of Sainte-Marguerite and Saint-Honorat. The islands offer beautiful nature, historical sites, and a peaceful environment for relaxation.
  • Day trip to Nice or Monaco: Both cities are easily accessible by train or car and offer numerous attractions, cultural experiences, and shopping opportunities.

Water Sports:

  • Stand-Up Paddling (SUP): Cannes offers calm waters that are perfect for stand-up paddling.
  • Kayaking and Canoeing: Explore the coastline and Îles de Lérins by kayak or canoe. Sailing and Windsurfing: Various schools and clubs offer courses and equipment rental.


  • Golf Club de Cannes-Mougins: A prestigious 18-hole course nestled in nature, renowned for well-maintained fairways and challenging greens. This renowned golf club offers golf courses and individual instruction.
  • Royal Mougins Golf Club: An exclusive 18-hole course near Cannes, offering top-notch facilities and a stunning environment.
  • Golf Old Course Cannes Mandelieu: A historic golf course by the Mediterranean with picturesque scenery. This course offers golf courses and individual instruction for all ages and levels.
  • Golf Country Club de Saint-Donat: A diverse 18-hole course near Grasse. The club offers a golf school with classes for children, teenagers, and adults.
  • Golf Opio Valbonne: A course surrounded by pine forests and olive groves, approximately 30 minutes from Cannes. This club has a golf school that offers instruction and courses for all levels.

Fitness and Yoga:

  • Beach Yoga: There are numerous providers offering beach yoga sessions, often at sunrise or sunset, for an incredibly relaxing experience. 
  • Fitness Studios: Several well-equipped fitness studios in Cannes also offer group fitness classes such as Pilates, Zumba, and Aerobics.


  • Tennis Courts: Many hotels and sports clubs in Cannes have tennis courts available for rent.
  • Tennis Clubs: Clubs offer lessons and group games, perfect for tennis enthusiasts of all levels.

Cycling and Mountain Biking:

  • Coastal Bike Tours: The coastal roads offer beautiful views and are ideal for relaxed bike tours.
  • Mountain Biking: In the hills and mountains surrounding Cannes, there are numerous trails for mountain bikers of varying difficulty levels.

Hiking and Nordic Walking:

  • Hiking Trails in the Nearby Hills and Mountains: Well-marked hiking trails offer beautiful views and varying difficulty levels.
  • Nordic Walking: This sport is becoming increasingly popular and can be practised on hiking trails or along the coast.

Running and Jogging:

  • Promenade de la Croisette: A perfect route for morning jogging along the sea with beautiful views.
  • Parks and Gardens: The public parks and gardens in Cannes offer peaceful and green running tracks

Horseback Riding:

  • Riding Clubs and Equestrian Schools: Several riding clubs offer horseback riding and lessons for various skill levels in the vicinity of Cannes.


  • Dance Classes: In Cannes, there are dance studios that teach various dance styles, such as ballet, salsa, tango, and ballroom dancing, offering courses for beginners and advanced dancers.

Join Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez for an all-inclusive week or just a day.

Request our free digital event brochure and receive a special discount on your booking!

Discover the surroundings.

classic sailing yacht


In 1926, William Fife III launched the 24.7m cutter Hallowe’en. According to William Fife III, designer of a number of classic yachts still racing today, “Hallowe’en is the perfect gentleman’s yacht. She is a jewel”. When gaff-rigged racers dominated various regattas, he chose to rig the yacht as a low-aspect Bermudan cutter. Her mast and boom heights continued to change over the years, and eventually, she was transformed into a yawl.


Under new owner Alfred Larsen, a Norwegian industrialist, she returned to the Atlantic after racing in the Mediterranean for several years. The yacht became the official yacht of the Royal Norwegian Racing Club and was helmed by Prince Olaf numerous times. Following her transatlantic journey in 1938, she vanished from radar screens. She was further renamed Cotton Blosson IV by Walter Wheeler and continued her history of ocean racing before eventually being donated to the Classic Boat Museum in New Port, Rhode Island, for a much-needed refit.As a result of funds drying up in New Port, Hallowe’en was in need of a new owner and returned to the Mediterranean when Elizabeth Meyer (owner of J-Class Endeavour) assisted in finding a buyer.


From 1988 to 1991, Hallowe’en was carefully restored to her original lines at the Classic Boat Works in Newport, Rhode Island. All sawn English Oak frames were carefully repaired or replaced, and the planking was secured with bronze fasteners from the museum. Having undergone some major changes in France in 1994, she underwent another transformation in 1998, perhaps looking better now than ever. After several refits (and owners), she is now available for charter in the Mediterranean, where she races competitively in the classic regatta circuit spanning France, Corsica, Spain, and Italy. The latest refit was performed in 2009 by Fairlie Restorations on the Hamble river, UK.

Classic Charme

Hallowe’en is undoubtedly one of the most stunning yachts on the regatta scene. This fast and excellent Fife-built cruiser/racer is highly recommended for charter by anyone seeking a vintage wooden sailing yacht of the highest quality. In addition to being one of the most beautiful Fifes ever built, she is able to make fast passages across the oceans and still wins classic regattas. With her original mahogany interior, Hallowe’en is one of the finest vintage racing yachts in the Mediterranean.

8 days in pure excitement

Your itinerary.

Welcome to the prestigious Régates Royales Cannes, a grand celebration uniting the serenity of the sea with the excitement of sailing for an entire week. This event, tailored for both experienced sailors and enthusiastic newcomers, promises an array of captivating races and vibrant activities, each planned to provide an unforgettable experience. Our team has carefully curated a schedule filled with exhilarating activities, ensuring your every need is catered for. From seamless transfers to gourmet dining options, every detail has been arranged for your utmost enjoyment. Here, you will find ample opportunities to explore new adventures, challenge your limits, and immerse yourself in the exhilarating atmosphere of the Régates Royales Cannes.


Our event around the Régates Royales in Cannes stands out as one of our most comprehensive regatta packages, offering five days of competitive racing. This is your chance to dive deep into the heart of a true sailing adventure. However, participation in the races or evening events is entirely optional. We believe in the freedom of choice, allowing you to craft your experience as you see fit. Join us for this unparalleled journey and prepare to be captivated by the magic of sailing. Please note that the program may be subject to slight modifications.


Single Day Ticket

  • Day 1 - Arrival at the Régates Royales in Cannes


    September 22th

    Celebration of Sailing at the Régates Royales

    Welcome to the Régates Royales in Cannes, an exhilarating celebration of sailing where the sea and sky converge in a spectacle of nautical passion. We have crafted an engaging lineup of races, events, and activities that promise thrills and unforgettable moments. 

    Seamless Arrival and Relaxed Evenings

    Enjoy a hassle-free airport pick-up service and get transported to your accommodation for the week. Afterwards, relax at a warm welcome gathering with a glass of champagne aboard the yacht. Join us for a group dinner at a vibrant local restaurant or pub if you wish, or explore and enjoy Cannes’ diverse culinary offerings independently, tailoring your evening to your personal preferences.

    The Day at a Glance

    • Seamless Arrival: Enjoy hassle-free airport pick-up and settle into your accommodation.

    • Relaxed Evening: Unwind with a champagne welcome aboard the yacht, followed by a group dinner or independent exploration of Cannes’ culinary delights.

    Noblesse Yachts
    Noblesse Yachts

    Day 2 - Training, Sailing, Swimming, and Relaxation


    September 23th

    Morning Excitement at the Marina
    As the day begins, you and your fellow guests gather at the marina, energized and eager. The magnificent sight of a classic sailing yacht awaits you, promising the adventure of a lifetime. The skilled crew greets you warmly, introducing you to the yacht and igniting the thrill of the voyage that awaits.

    Embracing the Sea: A Journey Begins
    After a quick safety briefing, you set sail, feeling the thrill of being out on the water. The day is filled with hands-on training exercises, giving you a real taste of navigating the sea. Between learning and sailing, there are refreshing snacks and drinks to enjoy as you take in the stunning ocean views. Plus, there’s plenty of time to relax, soak up the sun, and take a swim in the Mediterranean.

    Evening Festivities and Opening Ceremony
    As the yacht returns to the marina, the day’s successful sail is celebrated with your fellow adventurers. Gather for a lively dinner on shore, toasting to the start of a remarkable week. The evening is crowned with the opening ceremony of the Régates Royales, featuring live music and a vibrant atmosphere, setting the tone for the unforgettable experiences ahead.

    The Day at a Glance

    • Morning Excitement: Gather at the marina, meet the crew, and prepare for an adventurous day on a classic sailing yacht.

    • Embracing the Sea: Set sail, engage in hands-on training, enjoy snacks, relax, and swim in the Mediterranean.

    • Evening Festivities: Celebrate the day’s sail with a lively dinner and enjoy the opening ceremony of the Régates Royales with live music.

    Yacht Hallowe'en at the Regates Royales Cannes
    Yacht Hallowe'en at the Regates Royales in Cannes
    Champagne on Sea

    Day 3 - First Race Day, Thrilling Competition and Evening Leisure


    September 24th

    Dawn of Race Day: A Fresh Start
    It’s race day! The day greets you with the first light of dawn. Based on our recommendations, you might start your day with a satisfying breakfast, fueling you for the excitement ahead. As you board the yacht, you feel a thrilling mix of anticipation and freedom that only the open sea can offer.

    The Heart of the Competition
    As the race start time inches closer, excitement builds. Once the race kicks off, the next few hours immerse you in an exhilarating blend of competition, sea breeze, and sunshine. On board, we ensure your comfort with delicious sandwiches and refreshing drinks. Post-race, the afternoon is yours to explore. Whether it’s strolling through the bustling harbour, unwinding on the beach, or taking a glass of champagne and a premium cigar with us, the choice is entirely yours.

    An Evening of Leisure and Enjoyment
    As evening falls, a relaxed dinner and cocktail reception await you. Whether discussing the day’s events or simply enjoying the atmosphere, the evening is designed to be a pleasurable conclusion to an eventful day. This is your time to relax, reflect, and enjoy the company of fellow sailing enthusiasts in a comfortable and engaging environment.

    The Day at a Glance

    • Dawn of Race Day: Start with a hearty breakfast and board the yacht, feeling the thrill of the open sea.

    • The Race: Experience the excitement of the race with sandwiches and drinks on board. Post-race, explore the harbour or relax on the beach.

    • Nightly Wind-Down: Enjoy a cocktail reception followed by a relaxed dinner.

    Noblesse Yachts
    Noblesse Yachts

    Day 4 - Second Race Day: Dawn to Dusk Adventure and Sunset Relaxation


    September 25th

    Racing Day Thrills Begin at Dawn
    Wake up to the excitement of another racing day. The anticipation builds as you start your day, preparing for the action ahead. Heading to the marina, you feel the familiar rush of excitement. Once the sails are set, the yacht leaps into action, joining the spirited competition. Each moment racing against the other boats is a pulse-pounding experience.

    Celebrating Sea Victories
    Throughout the day, experience the adrenaline of racing on the open sea. The thrill of the chase, the strategic manoeuvres, and the final sprint to the finish line make every moment on the water exhilarating. After the race, it’s time to celebrate the day’s achievements. Raise a glass with your crew and fellow racers, acknowledging the shared effort and success.

    From High Seas to Relaxing Evenings
    After a day filled with the exhilaration of racing, unwind with a more serene and cosy evening. Imagine settling in for a relaxing dinner on board our yacht, followed by savouring a fine glass of rum and an exquisite Oliva cigar. This peaceful conclusion to your day is yours to enjoy at your own pace. 

    The Day at a Glance

    • Racing Day Thrills: Start your day with excitement at the marina, racing with pulse-pounding intensity.

    • Celebrating Victories: Experience the thrill of the race and celebrate achievements with your crew.

    • Evening Serenity: Enjoy a relaxing dinner on board, followed by rum and an Oliva cigar.

    Noblesse Yachts
    Noblesse Yachts, Hallowe'en, Oliva Cigars, Proficar, Profi-Tech
    Régates Royales Cannes

    Day 5 - Third Race Day Excitement and Cocktail at Palm Beach Club


    September 26th

    Rejuvenated Start to Another Day of Racing
    Another competition day at the Régates Royales has dawned, and you wake up feeling rejuvenated after a good night’s sleep. Today marks the third racing day, and the sparkling Mediterranean waters call to you, inviting you to take part in yet another exhilarating day of competition.

    Onboard Adventure Awaits
    Step aboard our historic sailing yacht, a vessel with a rich maritime history. The weather is perfect, with the sun shining warmly over the water, creating ideal racing conditions. If you get hungry, a variety of snacks and drinks are available to keep you energized for the day’s challenges.

    Relaxing Evening at the Marina
    After a day of achievements and the satisfaction of a race well-sailed, return to the marina with a sense of pride. The adventure on the water transitions into an evening of leisure at the Palm Beach Club. Here, you can relax and socialize, celebrating the day’s accomplishments. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail in hand, surrounded by the picturesque Mediterranean landscape, and toast to the day’s racing triumphs and the shared passion for sailing.

    The Day at a Glance

    • Rejuvenated Start: Wake up refreshed for the third day of racing on the Mediterranean.

    • Exciting Competition: Board our historic yacht, enjoy perfect conditions, and stay energized with snacks and drinks.

    • Cocktail Relaxation: Return to the marina, unwind at the Palm Beach Club with a cocktail, and celebrate the day’s achievements.

    Noblesse Yachts, Hallowe'en, Oliva Cigars, Proficar, Profi-Tech
    Yacht Hallowe'en

    Day 6 - Fourth Race Day and Electric Evening Festivities


    September 27th

    Anticipation on the Eve of the Finale
    The day before the grand finale has finally arrived, offering a golden opportunity to solidify our lead over the competitors. After getting ready for the day, it’s time to head out to the race course where the action takes place. As your sails catch the wind, you’re propelled into the heart of the competition.

    Racing for the Top Spot
    Racing against other vessels, you feel a rush of adrenaline, driven by a determination to lead. The tension builds as the races come to an end and the scores are tallied. But the regatta is not over yet, as the competitors and guests alike gather at the Quai Labeouf, each hoping to secure victory in the grand finale tomorrow.

    Electric Evening at the Marina
    While the sun sets over the marina, the guests mingle and celebrate the day’s successes. The atmosphere is electric, with live music filling the air and the party going on into the night. Cannes is in full celebration mode – join in the festivities with us!

    The Day at a Glance

    • Eve of the Finale: Gear up for the day and head to the race course, aiming to strengthen your lead.

    • Racing for the Top: Feel the adrenaline as you race to secure the top spot.

    • Electric Celebration: Join the festivities at the marina in Cannes, with live music, mingling, and a lively party atmosphere.

    Noblesse Yachts
    Voiles d'Antibes
    Noblesse Yachts

    Day 7 - Final Day: Intense Racing and Celebratory Evening at Régates Royales


    September 28th

    The Final Day: A Buzz of Excitement at the Marina
    The last day of the sailing competition starts with lots of activity at the marina. Sailors are busy and excited, getting their boats ready. Our yacht is eager and ready, pulling at the mooring lines, ready to show her skills on the open sea.

    Thrilling Race on the Open Waters
    As the race starts, we’re among some of the world’s most beautiful yachts. Seeing them on the water is amazing. The competition is tough, with each yacht trying to take the lead. Every move, gust of wind, and wave is a chance to get ahead. The race is intense and exciting. Crossing the finish line, we feel a wave of triumph. It’s a moment to pause, breathe, and enjoy the thrill of the race.

    Celebratory Evening: The Finale
    The yachts proudly sail back into the marina, crews on deck, warmly greeted by cheering spectators. The race ends with the excitement of the closing ceremony. When the winners are announced, the atmosphere is full of celebration and admiration. The night is ours to enjoy with a delicious dinner, live music, and a lively party as we celebrate our hard-earned success. You deserve it all!

    The Day at a Glance

    • The Final Day: Marina excitement peaks as sailors prep for the last race. Our yacht is ready to shine.

    • Thrilling Race: Compete with the world’s best yachts, feeling every thrilling moment. 

    • Festive Finale: Return for the closing ceremony. Enjoy dinner, live music, and a lively party, celebrating our success.

    Noblesse Yachts
    Hallow'en Crew
    Noblesse Yachts

    Day 8 - Farewell Cannes and Smooth Departure


    September 29th

    Cherishing the Last Moments in Cannes
    As your time in Cannes draws to a close, embrace the beauty of the French Riviera one last time. Take a leisurely walk through the charming streets of Cannes, reflecting on the memorable experiences you’ve had. Recall the excitement of the races, the beauty of the Mediterranean, and the joy of sailing, all leaving a lasting impression.

    A Smooth Departure and Fond Farewells
    As you prepare to leave, our team at Noblesse Yachts ensures a smooth journey back to the airport with our efficient shuttle service. We’re committed to making your departure as comfortable as your stay. We cherish the moments shared and look forward to welcoming you again, perhaps at another grand event like the Monaco Classic Week. Until then, godspeed, and thank you for the incomparable experiences on board.

    The Day at a Glance

    • Final Moments: Reflect on memorable experiences with a last walk through Cannes.

    • Smooth Departure: Enjoy a comfortable shuttle to the airport. Thank you for the unforgettable journey.

    Puig Vele Classica
    Noblesse Yachts
  • Morning

    cannes Awaits

    Arrive at the harbor

    The sun is rising over the horizon, and our classic sailing yacht is already impatiently waiting to set sail. If you wish, we will organize airport or hotel pick-up to bring you right to the marina. There, you gather with your fellow sailors and get excited for the day ahead. You can help the crew with sailing preparations and get to know your skipper, as well as learn about safety instructions and some simple manoeuvres. The crew will also let you know how you can assist in the racing – should you wish to do so.

    Noblesse Yachts


    Push Your Limits

    Sail to victory

    It’s time to throw off the bowlines to conquer the Régates Royales Cannes, and we will only stop once we cross the finish line! As we leave the harbour, you’ll be surrounded by some of the most magnificent yachts in the race, each displaying its unique beauty. The race begins, and the excitement is hard to beat! The sailing will be fierce, but the determination and passion for the sport will carry us through. Immerse yourself in the action and handle the sails, or just lean back and enjoy the spectacle around you. During an adrenaline-fueled race, you’ll be treated to an array of bites and refreshments on board, allowing you to bask in the thrill and excitement of the day.


    After we cross the finish line, we return to the marina, ready to celebrate the age-old maritime tradition of ‘Splice the Mainbrace.’ Enjoy a premium Oliva cigar, a complimentary delight, and, if you wish, indulge in the finest champagne. This is your opportunity to be part of a maritime adventure where passion and determination carry us, marked by unforgettable memories at the Régates Royales.

    Noblesse Yachts


    Maritime Celebration

    Cannes by night

    As the sun dips below the horizon, the evening turns into a warm welcome to hang around as much as you like. Maybe there’s even an official crew party on the regatta program. And if you’re not ready for the night to end, there’s still plenty to do. Now’s the perfect time to dive into the vibrant nightlife of Cannes. Not ready to leave quite yet? Stay in one of our renowned partner hotels, and maybe join us for another day at sea!


    Wander down the charming streets, brimming with delightful spots to grab a bite or a drink, or make your way to the lively scene in the heart of Cannes, where nightclubs and bars beckon with the promise of unforgettable nights. Alternatively, let the pulsating beats of the clubs on the famous Croisette sweep you off your feet. Whatever tickles your fancy, Cannes at night is sure to deliver an experience you’ll treasure.

    Noblesse Yachts