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Régates Royales Cannes

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24. September - 1. October 2023

race to victory

Cannes sets sail for another year of thrilling races and nautical elegance.

The Régates Royales Cannes has been the annual meeting point for the most successful sailors worldwide since 1929. The event brings together some of the world’s most skilled sailors and spectacular sailing vessels. The beautiful classic boats that take part in the “Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge” during the Régates Royales Cannes offer a stunning view, not only for the sailors but also for the audience.


The regatta features one of the most important Dragon races of the year, as well as a variety of races for classic sailing yachts, motorboats, and schooners. Dragon sailing boats are narrow, fast keelboats used for racing and leisure sailing, crewed by three or four sailors. In addition to the sailing competitions, there are also a variety of social events, parties, and boat parades, making it a true highlight of every yachting calendar.


The Régates Royales Cannes is not just a sailing competition but also a celebration of the rich history and culture of sailing, attracting sailing enthusiasts from all over the world, making it a truly international festivity of the sport of sailing. It’s a celebration of the history and tradition of sailing where we honor the greatest yacht designers of their time, such as William Fife III, Johan Anker, Charles Ernest Nicholson, and Henry Rasmussen, who have left a lasting legacy in the yachting world.

What is the Régates Royales Cannes?

The Régates Royales in Cannes is a celebration of all things nautical. Every year, the world's most beautiful yachts and their crews gather in the sparkling waters of the French Riviera to compete in a series of thrilling races. These races take place for classic sailing yachts, motorboats, and schooners. The Régates Royales Cannes also features a "concours d'elegance" and a grand parade of boats.

But the Régates Royales is so much more than just a sailing competition. It's also about the people and the community that come together to celebrate the love of sailing. The sailors, the spectators, the designers, and the yacht builders all come together to share their passion for the sea. In addition to the sailing competitions, there are also a variety of social events and parties, making it a true highlight of the yachting calendar.

What is included in the package deal?

We understand the importance of a comfortable and enjoyable stay. That's why we take great care in selecting the best hotels for our guests. Our top priority is to ensure that you have a memorable experience, and that starts with a good night's rest. We only pick hotels that offer the best luxury and comfort, ensuring you have a relaxing and rejuvenating stay. And because we know that a good start to the day is essential, we pay special attention to an excellent breakfast for a well-fueled and energetic morning.


Whether you're here to participate in sailing events of the Régates Royales Cannes or simply to enjoy the atmosphere, you can rest assured that we have taken care of all the details to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. From the comfort of your hotel room to onboard refreshments, we have thought of everything to ensure that your time with us is nothing short of perfect.


Get ready for the ultimate sailing experience with us! 


Included in your package:  

  • Free shuttle service from and to Nice (NCE), Cannes-Mandelieu (CEQ), or Saint-Tropz (LTT) airport
  • Sip on champagne at the exclusive welcome gathering
  • 8 days in a luxurious Room with seaview at one of our selected hotels
  • Double Rooms for single use
  • Delicious breakfast every morning
  • Convenient on-site shuttle service to take you to the marina and evening events
  • Choose to actively race or relax on board with a professional skipper and crew
  • Learn the ropes with a 1-day Hallowe'en briefing and maneuver training at sea
  • Experience the thrill of 5 exciting racing days
  • Yacht Hallowe'en is exclusively reserved for you and your fellow guests.
  • Fresh-made sandwiches and snacks aboard, as well as non-alcoholic beverages during sailing and racing
  • Celebrate with a "Splice the mainbrace" of champagne, beer, and wine back in the marina after each sailing and racing day
  • Dance the night away at the lively evening parties with entertainment 
  • Show your team spirit with provided uniform polo shirts and caps
  • On-site event support throughout the event
  • End the regatta on a high note with closing and award ceremonies, an open-ended party and big fireworks, and farewell champagne
  • Receive a participation certificate and nautical mile confirmation for your seaman's book if desired
  • Relax knowing all taxes and fees are included


Not Included:

  • Food and drinks during official events are included, but the price of the package does not cover any additional consumption outside of these official events. This contains, but is not limited to: consumption after the official end of these events, dinner at restaurants, drinks at bars, and the like.

How much does the Régates Royales Cannes package cost?

Early Bird Offer (until 31.03.): € 14.170,- per person

Regular Price (after 31.3.): € 14.920,- per person

APA: € 700,- per person


These prices include all the services mentioned above and a stay in the luxurious 4-star Hotel Splendid in Cannes, a hotel with a rich history and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. It offers elegantly decorated rooms, all with sea and harbor views, a rooftop terrace, and a delicious breakfast.


If you want to upgrade to the newly renovated 5-star hotel Mondrian located on La Croisette, with a private beach, palm garden, and spacious rooms, you can do so for an additional fee:

Deluxe Double Room with City View (40m2): € 1.155,-

Deluxe Double Room with Sea View (35m2 + 7m2 terrace): € 2.625,-


Prices are per person and for the entire duration of your stay in Cannes, based on single occupancy. However, we are pleased to offer savings for double occupancy bookings. We invite you to inquire about these rates and take advantage of this opportunity to reduce your overall cost.


Our team is here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. We strive to ensure that your booking process is seamless and transparent, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us for further clarification or assistance.


The event manager will set up a designated account (APA, or Advance Provisioning Allowance) to cover your expenses during the event. We understand that everyone has different preferences for evening meals and drinks, so they will allow each guest to make their own choices. Additionally, in Southern European countries, it is not common to pay individually in restaurants. The event manager will distribute the costs accordingly and transfer any remaining funds to you, along with a detailed calculation after the event.

classic sailing yacht


In 1926, William Fife III launched the 24.7m cutter Hallowe’en. According to William Fife III, designer of a number of classic yachts still racing today, “Hallowe’en is the perfect gentleman’s yacht. She is a jewel”.
When gaff-rigged racers dominated various regattas, he chose to rig the yacht as a low-aspect Bermudan cutter. Her mast and boom heights continued to change over the years, and eventually, she was transformed into a yawl.


Under new owner Alfred Larsen, a Norwegian industrialist, she returned to the Atlantic after racing in the Mediterranean for several years. The yacht became the official yacht of the Royal Norwegian Racing Club and was helmed by Prince Olaf numerous times. Following her transatlantic journey in 1938, she vanished from radar screens. She was further renamed Cotton Blosson IV by Walter Wheeler and continued her history of ocean racing before eventually being donated to the Classic Boat Museum in New Port, Rhode Island, for a much-needed refit.As a result of funds drying up in New Port, Hallowe’en was in need of a new owner and returned to the Mediterranean when Elizabeth Meyer (owner of J-Class Endeavour) assisted in finding a buyer.


From 1988 to 1991, Hallowe’en was carefully restored to her original lines at the Classic Boat Works in Newport, Rhode Island. All sawn English Oak frames were carefully repaired or replaced, and the planking was secured with bronze fasteners from the museum. Having undergone some major changes in France in 1994, she underwent another transformation in 1998, perhaps looking better now than ever. After several refits (and owners), she is now available for charter in the Mediterranean, where she races competitively in the classic regatta circuit spanning France, Corsica, Spain, and Italy. The latest refit was performed in 2009 by Fairlie Restorations on the Hamble river, UK.

Classic Charme

Hallowe’en is undoubtedly one of the most stunning yachts on the regatta scene. This fast and excellent Fife-built cruiser/racer is highly recommended for charter by anyone seeking a vintage wooden sailing yacht of the highest quality. In addition to being one of the most beautiful Fifes ever built, she is able to make fast passages across the oceans and still wins classic regattas. With her original mahogany interior, Hallowe’en is one of the finest vintage racing yachts in the Mediterranean.

8 days in pure excitement

Your itinerary.

Welcome to the Régates Royales, where the sea meets the skies in a week-long celebration of all things sailing. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a first-time spectator, you’re in for a treat. We’ve put together an exciting line-up of races, events, and activities that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Each day is packed with thrilling events and delicious meals, perfectly arranged by our experienced event managers. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the variety of activities on offer. From transfers to accommodation and restaurants: everything is thoroughly organized to make sure you get the best possible experience. You’ll have the opportunity to try new things, push your boundaries, and fully enjoy the Régates Royales Cannes and your vacation.


Yacht Hallowe’en not only attends the Régates Royales Cannes, but also races the Vele d’Epoca di Imperia and the Monaco Classic Week. Extend your stay aboard and join Hallowe’en on two or all three regatta events. We will gladly take care of your travel options and in-between itinerary. Join us for this unique experience and get ready to be amazed.


The Régates Royales in Cannes is our most dedicated package deal, compared to the Vele d’Epoca di Imperia or the Monaco Classic Week. With a total of 5 race days, you’ll take the most out of this unforgettable sailing experience. But remember: Participation in the races or evening events is at no point obligatory, and if you feel like spending your time differently, then the choice is yours at any time!

Noblesse Yachts

Day 1

Welcome to a world of luxury and adventure! From the moment you arrive, you'll be whisked away by our airport pickup service and taken to the luxurious accommodation of your choice. Once you've settled in, you'll join your fellow travelers and crew for a reception with Champagne as you begin to make new friends and plan your week ahead. This sets the stage for a relaxed evening as we indulge in a gourmet dinner and hear tales of the adventures that await us in the days to come.
24. September
Noblesse Yachts

Day 2

The morning air is filled with excitement as you gather with fellow guests at the marina after a delicious breakfast. The classic sailing yacht Hallowe'en shimmers in the morning sun as you step aboard, ready for the adventure of your lifetime. The skilled crew warmly welcomes you and teaches you everything you need or want to know about the boat and handlings. Safety instructions are given, and as you cast off the bowlines and set sail, the wind in your hair and the sea beneath you, you'll get a first glimpse of the freedom and adventure ahead.


After some open water training and onboard refreshments, Hallowe'en returns to the marina. As you clink glasses with your fellow sailors, you raise a toast to the start of an unforgettable journey. The opening ceremony of the Régates Royales Cannes awaits, and you look forward to the excitement and camaraderie that the event promises to bring.

25. September
Noblesse Yachts

Day 3 (1st race)

The sun rises for the first official racing day of the Régates Royales Cannes. Known for its fabulous breakfast, our hotel sets the stage for an extraordinary experience ahead as we transport you to the marina.


The crew greets you warmly as we set sail for warming-up sessions, the sound of the waves and the wind in your sails igniting your senses. The anticipation gets more and more palpable the more the race start time approaches. For the next 3 hours, you'll be fully immersed in the thrill of competition, the salty breeze, and the sun on your face. To make sure you'll have all the energy you need, delicious sandwiches and refreshing beverages are provided on board.


After the first regatta race, we celebrate the hard work and determination of the day with a maneuver drink in hand.
Following that, you'll have some free time to spend as you please before gathering for an evening of celebration. With dinner, live music, and a photo show filled with impressions of the day, you'll raise a glass to an unforgettable adventure.

26. September
Noblesse Yachts

Day 4 (2nd race)

You feel excited as you wake up to a day filled with thrilling racing on the open waves. After a delicious breakfast, we set sail and compete against the other boats for the second race of the regatta. Enjoy the salty breeze on your face and the fresh snacks onboard, all with the beautiful backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea.


The rush of adrenaline as we maneuver our yacht through the water, the thrill of crossing the finish line, it's all worth it. As we raise our glasses, we toast to another successful day on the water, and the camaraderie shared among the crew and fellow racers. The afternoon time is yours to spend as you wish: Take a break, explore the city, or reflect on the exhilaration of the race.


In the evening, you are in for a treat: We are granted exclusive access to a private vernissage at the Bel Air Gallery. This is a rare opportunity to view the gallery's impressive collection in a private setting, away from the crowds, and to truly appreciate the masterpieces on display. After a mouthwatering dinner, it's time to rest for the day ahead.

27. September
Noblesse Yachts

Day 5 (3rd race)

Another competition day at the Régates Royales Cannes has dawned, and you wake up feeling rejuvenated after a good night's sleep. Today marks the third racing day, and the excitement is tangible as you step out of your hotel and onto the dock. The sparkling Mediterranean waters call to you, inviting you to take part in yet another thrilling day of competition.


As you board yacht Hallowe'en, you are greeted by your crew, all ready to take on the challenges of the day. The sun is shining, and the conditions are perfect for racing when you set sail and head out to the open water. And just in time, when you start feeling hungry, fresh sandwiches and drinks are served aboard, giving you the fuel you need to keep going.


When the day comes to a close, we return to the marina feeling accomplished and proud of what we achieved. But the fun isn't over yet: The evening invites us to an exclusive cocktail party at Palm Beach Club. There, you'll have the opportunity to relax, socialize, and toast to another day of successful racing with a delicious drink in hand, surrounded by the beautiful setting of the Mediterranean Sea.

28. September
Noblesse Yachts

Day 6 (4th race)

It's already Friday, and another day of intense competition has arrived at the Régates Royales in Cannes. It's the day before the grand finale and a golden opportunity to solidify our lead over the competitors. After a hearty breakfast at the hotel, it's time to head out to the race course where the action takes place. We set sail on the sparkling Mediterranean waters, fueled by the passion and drive to come out on top. The skill and precision of the sailors are on full display as they navigate the waters, each striving to be the first to cross the finish line.


The tension builds as the races come to an end and the scores are tallied. But the regatta is not over yet: The competitors and guests alike gather at the Quai Labeuve, each hoping to secure victory in the grand finale tomorrow. The anticipation is almost unbearable as we all prepare for the ultimate test of skill and endurance on the sparkling Mediterranean waters.


The sun sets over the marina, and the guests mingle and toast to the day's successes. The atmosphere is electric, live music fills the air, and the party goes on into the night. It's another unforgettable day at the Régates Royales in Cannes.

29. September
Noblesse Yachts

Day 7 (5th race)

This is it, the moment we've all been waiting for! The final race is here, and we are filled with anticipation as we prepare for the action-packed and thrilling day ahead. The parade of beautiful yachts on the water is a sight to behold and surely not to be missed. As you set sail, you give it your all: The stakes are high, but we are ready for the challenge. Let the battle for glory begin. The race is intense, and every second counts as you push yourself to the limit. Every maneuver, every breeze, and every wave is met with the fierce determination to claim victory.


As we cross the finish line, a sense of accomplishment washes over us. We take a moment to catch our breath and raise a glass of our celebratory maneuver drink for the triumphs we achieved. The closing ceremony and winner announcement are the icing on the cake. The night is ours to celebrate as we enjoy a delicious dinner, live music, and an open end party, reveling in our hard-earned success. You deserve it all!

30. September
Noblesse Yachts

Day 8

Leaving is never easy, but the memories we've created here will stay with us forever. If you've chosen to extend your stay and immerse yourself in the lively energy of Cannes, you're in for a treat!


As we enjoy a delicious breakfast, surrounded by the stunning marina views, we'll reflect on the incredible memories we shared - the thrilling races, the laughter, and the camaraderie. Our dedicated driver will be at your beck and call, ready to whisk you away to the airport at your scheduled departure time.


We're grateful for the time we shared and the memories we've made. Thank you for being a part of this unforgettable experience. Safe travels, and we hope to see you again next year aboard the yacht HALLOWE'EN. Farewell!

1. October
the choice is yours

4* Hotel Splendid
5* Hotel Mondrian

Elevate your regatta experience and stay in one of our hand-picked luxury hotels, where every moment is filled with dazzling views, unparalleled comfort, and outstanding service. Hotel Splendid is included in our Régates Royales Cannes package offer. For an upgrade from 4 to 5 stars, you can simply choose to stay at Hotel Mondrian instead.


The 4-star Hotel Splendid in Cannes is a historic hotel built in 1871 and has since become one of the most iconic buildings in the city. It is just a few steps away from the famous Promenade de la Croisette, the beach, and the Palais des Festivals. Each room comes with its own unique decor and style and is an excellent choice for those looking for a sophisticated and stylish stay. The sea view rooms we organized for your stay offer stunning views of the Mediterranean sea and the marina. The hotel also offers a bar and lounge area, where guests can enjoy cocktails and snacks while taking in the ambiance of Cannes.


The 5-star Hotel Mondrian in Cannes is a stylish and contemporary hotel located in the heart of Cannes, just a short walk from the harbor and the city center. It is newly renovated, and all rooms feature sleek and stylish decor with a mix of contemporary and retro design elements. The sea view rooms we picked for you are equipped with modern amenities and offer breathtaking views over the azure Mediterranean waters. One of the highlights of the Hotel Mondrian is its private beach and palm garden, which offer everything you need to soak in the sun or relax. Guests can enjoy cocktails, light bites, and dazzling sunsets while taking in the spectacular views.

Hotel Splendid Amenities

  • 4 Stars
  • Wi-Fi
  • Air Conditioning
  • Laundry Service
  • Public Parking
  • Satelite TV
  • Safe
  • Double Room for single or double use
  • Fabulous Breakfast
  • Elevator
  • Room Service
  • Mini Bar
  • Bathtub
  • Beach and Harbor within short walking distance
  • Massage & Solarium
  • Hotel Lounge
  • Accessibility for people with disabilities

Hotel Mondrian Amenities

  • 5 Stars
  • Private Beach
  • Palm Garden
  • Wi-Fi
  • Gym
  • Bar
  • Air Conditioning
  • Laundry Service
  • Private Parking
  • Satelite TV
  • Cable TV
  • Safe
  • Double room for single or double use
  • Fabulous Breakfast
  • Elevator
  • 24/7 Room Service
  • Coffee Machine in Room
  • Mini Bar
  • Newly renovated
  • Sun Beds with Parasols
  • Restaurant
  • Water Activities
  • Accessibility for people with disabilities
Vive la france


Cannes is a stunning city located on the French Riviera, known for its glitz and glamour. It is home to the famous Cannes Film Festival, which attracts celebrities and filmmakers from all over the world. The red carpet is rolled out on the famous Croisette, where stars and starlets walk along the promenade, posing for photographers and fans. Beyond the film festival, Cannes offers plenty of other attractions for visitors to enjoy.


It is the perfect destination for boating and yachting enthusiasts, with the famous Regates Royales yacht race taking place every year. The event marks an important date in the yachting calendar and attracts sailing enthusiasts from all over the world. The beaches are beautiful, with clear blue waters and soft white sands. The old town, Le Suquet, offers a charming, traditional atmosphere, with narrow streets and colorful buildings.


Visitors can also explore the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, where the film festival takes place, and enjoy the luxury boutiques and high-end restaurants along the Croisette. Overall, Cannes is a fascinating city that offers a unique blend of luxury, culture, and natural beauty. From the glitz and glamour of the film festival to the charming old town, from the stunning beaches to the exciting yacht races, there’s something for everyone in this captivating city on the French Riviera.


infinite sandy dreams

Beaches & Nature

Cannes’ natural beauty and endless sunshine make it the perfect destination for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re looking to take a bath in the sun, go for a swim, or explore the great outdoors, Cannes is the place to be!


The city offers stunning beaches, which are within walking distance from the old town. With over 8 kilometers of coastline, each part offers its own unique ambiance. From secluded coves to lively sandy beaches, there is something to suit everyone’s tastes. Clear waters and a rich array of marine life invite divers to explore the colorful underwater landscapes, from shipwrecks to colorful coral reefs.


 The lush green hills of the Esterel Mountains are just a short drive away and offer a stunning contrast to the city’s coastline. Here, visitors can go for a hike, take a scenic drive, or simply enjoy the peace and quiet of the forest. There are also two small islands to visit, offering more beaches, nature, and even an old castle to explore.

gucci and croissants

Restaurants & Shopping

France is a true food lover’s heaven. The warm Mediterranean climate, fresh local produce, and creative culinary scene make it a destination for those seeking delicious dining experiences. From local seafood restaurants serving up the catch of the day to upscale establishments featuring innovative cuisine, you’ll surely find your favorite spot in Cannes pretty quickly.


The city also boasts a vast array of shops, from luxury boutiques in the central Rue d’Antibes to charming local markets within its lovely tree-lined streets with its elegant architecture. Make sure to visit some wine and cheese shops and taste the local specialties France is famous for. Of course, a fresh “Pain au Chocolat” during your day of shopping can not be missed either!


Whether you’re in Cannes for a day or a week, you won’t be short on things to do. Cannes is the perfect destination for shopping and dining. So why wait? Book your trip today and discover the delights of this beautiful city for yourself!

artistic hotspot

Culture & Entertainment

Cannes is a city that truly embraces culture and entertainment, featuring its world-renowned Cannes Film Festival, the Cannes Lions, as well as numerous museums and art exhibitions. This includes f.e. the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, which showcases works by some of the world’s most famous artists, and the Musée de la Mer, which displays the history of the region and its maritime heritage. It is a destination that caters to the cultural aficionado.


During the summer and autumn months, visitors can take in a concert or performance at one of the many outdoor theaters or attend a live jazz performance at a local bar. The city also offers a thriving nightlife scene, with bars, casinos, and clubs that offer something for everyone. For those who prefer a more interactive experience, Cannes delivers several intriguing exhibits, including the Digital Art Museum and the virtual reality experience at the Château de la Castre. 

Régates Royales Cannes

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Secure your spot on the beautiful Hallowe’en and be part of the famous Régates Royales Cannes.


Please note, that this action is a payable event. After submitting, you will receive an invoice and further instructions.
Prices are in €, per person, including VAT. Please note, that the APA is obligatory for the event you are attending.


Book Vele d’Epoca di Imperia or Monaco Classic Week additionally and receive a 5% discount on your invoice! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to experience the best of the sailing world while saving a little extra.

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Monaco Classic Week

Régates Royales Cannes

Régates Royales Cannes

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Classic sailing yacht Hallowe'en
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