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Making your Yacht available for charter is potentially a smart move. You spend as much time on your Yacht as wanted, and when you are not on board, your vessel generates money for you by operating for other people. Our Yacht Marketing team has the knowledge and resources to find those potential guests and awaken their interest in chartering your Yacht.

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The components of Yacht Marketing.

Global Online Appearance

Digital presence is inevitable in order to be seen and relevant around the world. This also applies to Yachts. Therefore, to gain more interest for your vessel, it has to have a web presence. This can be a page or an article on our website, yours, or, ideally, both. If you would like to advertise your yacht on your own website, you’ll have the choice of doing this by using a single page or a highly complex CRM system – there are also many options in between. It depends very much on how many administrative tasks you want to manage yourself and how much you want to hand over to us. Our Marketing team can help you in any way to create a website of your liking. 


If you entrust us with the management of your yacht, a separate homepage is not necessary. Nevertheless, we recommend registering your yacht name as a domain of your choice, for example, www.{your-yacht-name}.com.


The next step would be to present your yacht on the Noblesse Yachts website. Do not worry – our experienced team will do this for you. We also display your vessel in a global network of platforms from which professional brokers and agents source their yachts. These include providers such as: Sedna, Central Yacht Agent, Yachtfolio, NauSYS, Boataround, Samboat, and Click&Boat, just to name a few. Ultimately, your luxury yacht generates global online visibility to a broad audience and ensures to awaken their interest in chartering your vessel. 

Social Media Marketing

The Internet connects the world, and social networks are a part of everyday people’s lives. By reaching millions of customers worldwide, social media has become one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. Typically, social media is used for social interaction, news and information access, and decision-making. They serve as a valuable communication tool as well as a tool for sharing, creating, and disseminating content locally and internationally.


Marketing through social media allows companies to reach out to potential customers and reach them where they are: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and a few of the newer platforms like TikTok. Creating engaging social media content and a solid social media strategy will enable marketers to build brand awareness, engage with users, and convert them into customers. Measurability of engagement is also essential, as our marketing outreach needs to be tailored to a specific target audience based on this data.

Digital Content and SEO

Content is king! You’ve probably heard that before. This quote is often used in conjunction with content marketing and SEO. It implies that high-quality, engaging, and relevant online content significantly impacts the success of businesses. What is the reason for this? Basically, search engines like Google prefer good content over bad content and evaluate this using modern AI techniques. Many expert marketers (and a few Googlers) have stated that high-quality content is the key to ranking well on Google. A study found that pages that rank on the first page of Google average 1.447 words. KI-driven crawlers use a complex algorithm to find and deliver exactly the content people are looking for.


If a website does not appear within the search results of the first page of Google, visibility dramatically decreases. And why do we need SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimization or getting traffic from free, organic, editorial, and natural search results. This technique enhances your website’s ranking in search engine results. Remember, people will be more likely to see a website if it is listed higher.

Photos, Videos and Virtual Tours

We work with specialized partners to create engaging, high-quality photos, videos, and virtual tours. Only the latest technical equipment is used, such as high-resolution cameras, drones, 360-degree techniques, plus the necessary software to combine and create excellent visual content.


But why do photos and videos matter to your business?


Due to the increasing number of users on social media, photos and videos have never been more essential to create online visibility. Everything you see on the Internet has some form of visual representation. Products or services are best showcased using these forms of media. Pictures and videos allow potential clients to see what they are buying and what they will get out of it. Rather than reading about a product, a video will grab the audience’s attention and draw them into it. Besides being cost-effective for building brand awareness and loyalty, photos and videos are more likely to engage audiences and encourage sharing, resulting in conversions and sales increases.

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