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Owning a yacht that sits unused can be likened to having a magnificent, unoccupied house. It’s an asset that, without regular use and care, can slowly diminish in value and charm. This is where Noblesse Yachts® steps in, transforming what could be a financial burden into a profitable venture. Our charter management services are the key to not only preserving but also enhancing the value of your yacht.

In the captivating world of luxury yacht charters, Noblesse Yachts® stands as a beacon of excellence and precision. At the helm of this intricate operation, our role as your charter manager unfolds like a well-navigated journey across serene waters.

Behind the scenes, Noblesse Yachts® masterfully conducts the yacht’s operations, much like an orchestral conductor, ensuring every note resonates perfectly. During the periods when you’re not using your yacht, we ensure its seamless upkeep and readiness. Then, when the time comes for you to step aboard, your yacht awaits in pristine condition. The crew, enthusiastic and dedicated, takes immense pride in being part of a vessel that benefits from top-tier management. This ensures that your experience is nothing short of extraordinary every time you set sail.

The essence of effective charter planning extends beyond mere guest satisfaction. It encompasses the judicious utilization of resources, ensuring every route is meticulously mapped to economize fuel consumption and every schedule crafted to avoid overbooking or scheduling conflicts. Furthermore, good charter planning is pivotal in financial management. It enables the anticipation of costs and expenses, allowing for more effective financial control. This not only ensures the economic viability of the charter but can also lead to increased profitability for the yacht owner.

The impact of a well-planned charter also resonates beyond the immediate experience. It enhances the reputation of the service, as delighted guests are likely to share their positive experiences through reviews and referrals. In the competitive yachting industry, such positive word-of-mouth is invaluable. Below, you will find the most important components of charter management.

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The components of Charter Management.

Managing the Yacht Charter Flow

We create bespoke charter plans that cater to the specific preferences and requirements of each client. Quotes need to be written, and occasionally, a customer wants to visit a yacht to gain insights into its amenities and equipment options.

This includes selecting destinations, planning routes, and organizing activities that align with the client’s interests. In some cases, several telephone calls and personal meetings may be required before a potential customer signs a contract. As a 24/7 customer-oriented company, we ensure that these inquiries are handled quickly, safely, and discretely to the client’s satisfaction. We are proud to see this as part of our customer relationship management process.

Marketing and Promotions

Yacht marketing is a specialized endeavour aimed at high-net-worth individuals, focusing on luxury branding and lifestyle promotion. It involves identifying the specific interests and preferences of this affluent audience to develop targeted marketing strategies that resonate with their aspirations.

The digital aspect is crucial in yacht marketing, encompassing an engaging online presence with visually appealing websites, videos, virtual tours, and dynamic content. This approach not only showcases the elegance of the yachts but also broadens the reach, tapping into a global audience and enhancing brand visibility.

Event participation, such as boat shows, along with strategic collaborations, plays a vital role in this marketing niche. These platforms offer direct engagement with potential buyers and valuable networking opportunities. Find out more in our dedicated yacht marketing section.

Booking and Client Liaison

We handle all aspects of the booking process, including client communications, ensuring a smooth and professional experience for both the yacht owner and the charter guests. A well-informed crew is always able to prepare for upcoming charters by having all the pertinent information at hand. This information includes cultural and ethical characteristics of the guests as well as guidelines in etiquette towards the passengers.

The following points are examples of points taken care of and prepared within the crew:

  • What food do the guests prefer?
  • Is there a special diet or kosher menu to be prepared?
  • What kind of drinks should be available on board?
  • Do the guests have a favourite liquor or cigar?

There is no one-size-fits-all cruise. Luckily, our crews are hands-on, trained, and experienced experts in their field. However, there are always matters to be discussed. Therefore, we are constantly communicating with your captain to exchange updates and talk about the best charter routes to maximize your ROI.

Yacht Charter Accounting

We analyze each yacht individually and, therefore, work closely with owners, captains, and crewmembers to tailor a financial plan and meet the owner’s expressed goals. By considering all aspects of a vessel, its equipment, its intended use (charter, personal, or a combination), and its primary location, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive analysis. In addition, we consider the citizenship of the owner, the citizenship of the crew members, financial concerns, and previous ownership history.

Our Charter Management Services ensures that contractual payments reach your account on time. There is usually a 50% down payment when the charter contract is signed. The remaining 50% is then to be paid four weeks before the start date of the charter, along with the APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance). The APA amounts to 30% of the charter price and must be made available to the captain. Typically, the captain has a credit card for this purpose, which must have adequate coverage. Expenses that fall under the APA are usually provisions, fuel, and marina fees.

Customer Relationship Management

The concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is based on the idea of Relationship Marketing, which examines customer relationships. Optimizing customer retention is our highest goal. For Noblesse Yachts, customer satisfaction is essential since a satisfied customer does not need to be re-advertised and is in every way a multiplier.


Customer loyalty can take many forms. A customer loyalty program begins with the first stage, contact. And it is necessary to integrate pre-sales and after-sales marketing even before the first purchase is made. Our objective is not to bind customers (contractually) but rather to establish a relationship with them based on satisfaction and trust.

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