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Spice up your yacht charter vacation by parking in the front row of the world’s most significant events. Have you ever dreamt of visiting the Grand Prix or the Cannes Film Festival? Be at the centre of the celebrity action, with a top view and dazzling yacht parties.

Monaco Grand Prix Yacht Event
26. - 29. MAY 2022

Monaco Grand Prix


Singapore Grand Prix

9. - 11. DECEMBER 2022

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

E-Prix Yacht Event
TBA - 2023

Monaco E-Prix

Historic Grand Prix Yacht Event
8. - 10. MAY 2023

Monaco Historic Grand Prix

Featured Event Yachts.

Alexandra Yacht Charter
Spacious Palace


Love Story Yacht Charter
The Romantic Getaway

Love Story

Aslec Yacht Charter
Celebrate in Style

Aslec 4

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Please keep in mind that regional circumstances and regulations can change at any time. Therefore, we cannot always guarantee that the events listed will actually take place. We strive to keep our event calendar as up-to-date as possible.

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