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Quality, not Quantity.

Vacation should be relaxing – not overwhelming! Here at Noblesse, we focus on luxury, tranquility, and customer satisfaction. As passionate luxury yacht charter professionals, we choose quality over quantity because our goal is to elevate the service you get and the experience you have. Our pre-selection of the best Luxury Yachts on the market comprises outstanding Design, Comfort, and Service.


We quality check each yacht to ensure nothing less than the best for our esteemed clients. Maybe you are looking for a family vacation in the British Virgin Islands or a remote honeymoon paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean. Perhaps you’re dreaming of an island-hopping adventure. Regardless of the type of holiday you’ll be taking, we can assure you of the safe, private, and luxurious yacht you’ve been imagining.


Booking a superyacht charter with us means your dream vacation with unsurpassed levels of absolute leisure and extravagance. Is there anything that rivals the genuine romance, adventure, and freedom of cruising the seas in a luxury yacht? With Noblesse, your vacation starts right here! We have been in the yacht chartering business for over 30 years, so our unparalleled industry expertise allows us to provide everything you need to unwind in true bliss.

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Weekly rate from 179.000 €

Anima Maris

Weekly rate from 85.000 €


Weekly rate from 61.000 €

Rara Avis

Weekly rate from 67.000 €

Aslec 4

Weekly rate from 180.000 €

San Limi

Weekly rate from 38.500 €
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