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"Every detail aboard Dalmatino is pure perfection."

This vessel isn’t just a means of traversing the azure waves of the Adriatic; it’s a symphony of elegance, comfort, and adventure, harmoniously intertwined. Imagine a craft where traditional sailing charm meets modern luxury – that’s “Dalmatino“. With her sleek design, she cuts through the waves like a gentle giant, offering stability and safety without compromising on speed. Her dual nature as a motorsailer bestows the flexibility of sailing when the winds are favourable and the power of a motor for those calm days at sea.

The interior of “Dalmatino” is where comfort finds its true meaning. Designed with a touch of understated elegance, the cabins are a haven of relaxation. Each space is thoughtfully crafted, ensuring privacy and tranquillity, making it your home away from home. The communal areas, including a cosy salon and spacious dining area, invite social gatherings, storytelling, and shared meals, making every moment onboard a cherished memory.

Dalmatino” is equipped with a range of leisure equipment for those who seek a sprinkle of adrenaline in the serene sea – she has it all. Dive into the crystal-clear waters, or explore the vibrant underwater world with snorkelling gear; every day is a new adventure. “Dalmatino” is more than a motorsailer. She’s a blend of tradition and modernity, adventure and tranquillity, and a perfect companion for those who seek to explore the seas with comfort, safety, and style.

Set sail with Noblesse Yachts® for a journey that promises to be as unforgettable as the destination itself. “Dalmatino” awaits.

  • Yacht Details

  • A new gem


    Dalmatino Yacht Charter

    Endless possibilities.

    Dalmatino boasts an impressive length stretching over 43 meters, with a sleek and sturdy hull that slices through the waves with ease and grace. The exterior of the Dalmatino is a sight to behold, featuring classic lines that evoke the golden age of sailing, combined with the robust and commanding presence of a motor yacht.

    On board, you are welcomed by expansive decks, perfect for basking in the Mediterranean sun or enjoying a leisurely alfresco meal. The deck area is equipped with comfortable seating, sun pads, and a jacuzzi, providing an ideal spot for relaxation and entertainment while you gaze out at the stunning coastal vistas.

    Below deck, Dalmatino’s interior exudes luxury and comfort. The saloon and dining area are designed to be spacious and inviting, with plush furnishings and state-of-the-art entertainment systems, creating a perfect setting for socializing and dining in style. Large windows allow natural light to flood the space, adding to the airy and open feel.





    43,5m / 142.8ft

    8,1m / 28.5ft

    on 332m2



    6 (12 Guests)
    Indoor & Outdoor
    Outdoor Jacuzzi
    Swimming Platform



    9 knots

    12 knots

    Dalmatino Deck Plan Layout
  • Cabins

  • Just for you

    Room to Relax.

    Up to 12 guests can be accommodated in Dalmatino’s six cabins.

    Each of the cabins has a wardrobe, 24 V/220 electricity, hair dryers and its own en suite bathroom with toiletries. The cabins are also equipped with a TV, 24/7 air conditioning, a safe box and an Inter phone.

    Master Cabin

    Dalmatino‘s Master cabin is the the most spacious cabin on deck.

    VIP Cabin

    Dalmatino‘s VIP cabin is the second most spacious cabin on board.

    Twin Cabins

    Dalmatino offers two twin cabins. The twin beds can easily be converted into a double bed.

  • Interior & Exterior

  • Luxury comes from within

    Elegant and Trendy.

    Dalmatino Yacht CharterDalmatino Yacht Charter

    Lean back.

    The beautiful Dalmatino is impressive inside and out. Decorated to a 5-star standard, her interiors are all fully air-conditioned and include the latest in technology with Wi-Fi, iPad and iPod docking stations and satellite television. The salon has an elegant bar with a TV and lots of place to stretch out and relax while enjoying the passing views from huge windows.


    There’s a large Jacuzzi and comfortable loungers on the upper deck, while the spacious aft deck has a swim platform with dual ladders for refreshing dips in the sea. 

  • Entertainment

  • Luxury meets Adventure

    Amenities & Water Toys.

    Dalmatino Yacht Charter

    Vacation never felt so good.

    Dalmatino‘s leisure equipment includes an arsenal of water toys, such as a tender, jet ski, water skis, wakeboard, kayak, paddleboards, and snorkeling equipment.

    Dalmatino's equipment includes:

  • Destinations

  • Dalmatino' Top destinations

    So much to sea.

    Dalmatino Yacht Charter
    home sweet home


    With its dazzling blue seas, stone castles, magnificent waterfalls, and fairytale-esque architecture, Croatia’s more than 1.200 islands off of the Adriatic coast are unforgettable.

    Food & History Haven


    From extraordinary underwater caves and mountainous views to scenic coastal villages and spectacular historical monuments, this Mediterranean utopia offers many things to offer every visitor.

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