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Press Texts

  • Day 1 - Arrival in glamorous Saint-Tropez


    September 29th

    Welcome to Saint-Tropez

    Arrive at Nice Airport, where transport will be waiting to take you on a scenic 90-minute journey to the charming town of Saint-Tropez. As you approach, marvel at the crystal-clear waters and streets shaded by palm trees. The air is filled with the scent of pine trees and the lively chatter from coffee shops and bars.

    Settling In

    Upon arrival, check into your accommodation. Take some time to unwind in your room, or if you prefer, explore the picturesque streets and discover the town’s maritime wonders. Enjoy the spectacle of classic yachts arriving from the YCF’s Coupe d’Automne regatta (Cannes – St. Tropez). Over 250 yachts will be arriving throughout the day to participate in the Voiles de Saint-Tropez.

    Evening Delight

    As evening falls, make your way to the Race Village. Live music fills the air, creating a vibrant atmosphere. Engage with fellow enthusiasts and immerse yourself in the excitement of the event. Enjoy a relaxed evening, perhaps with a glass of champagne, and get to know the yacht, its crew, and your fellow sailors.

    The Day at a Glance

    • Welcome to Saint-Tropez: Arrive at Nice Airport and enjoy a scenic drive to Saint-Tropez.
    • Settle in: Check into your accommodation and explore the picturesque streets or watch over 250 classic yachts arriving for the regatta.
    • Evening Delight: Visit the Race Village, enjoy live music, and socialize with fellow enthusiasts over a glass of champagne.
    Noblesse Yachts
    Port Saint-Tropez

    Day 2 - Training Day, Sailing, Relaxing, Swimming


    September 30th

    Sunrise in Saint-Tropez

    Wake up in the south of France, in the captivating Saint-Tropez, a town that captures the essence of the Mediterranean like no other. After your morning routine, head to the bustling harbour. Here, the last of the classic yachts arrive, while the Maxi Yachts and IRC classes set out for their first races.

    Familiarizing with the Yacht

    Today is all about getting familiar with our yacht, since the classic yacht races start tomorrow. The experienced crew will provide an orientation before we cast off and set sail for some training exercises on the sea. We’ll balance our training with relaxation under the Mediterranean sun, swimming in the crystal-clear waters, and enjoying the spectacular sight of the Maxi Yachts racing.

    Afternoon Delight

    After the excitement of the day, we sail back to the historic port of Saint-Tropez. Depending on our return time, we may join in the maritime tradition of “Splice the Mainbrace,” raising our glasses to celebrate our shared experiences. As evening approaches, the waterfront comes alive with live music, adding a captivating touch to the warm summer night in Saint-Tropez.

    The Day at a Glance

    • Sunrise in Saint-Tropez: Begin your day at the bustling harbour, witnessing IRC and Maxi Yachts setting off for races.
    • Familiarizing with the Yacht: Spend the day training on our yacht, swimming in crystal-clear waters, and enjoying the Mediterranean sun.
    • Evening Revelry: Return to the historic port, celebrate with “Splice the Mainbrace,” and enjoy live music as evening falls.
    Voiles de Saint-Tropez
    Voiles de Saint-Tropez Maxi Racing
    Voiles Saint-Tropez Race Village

    Day 3 - First Race Day, Compete for Glory


    October 1st

    Daybreak and preparations

    Today promises an exhilarating day of racing. After the excitement of yesterday, we trust you had a great night’s sleep. Head to the harbour and join the crew in preparing for the start of the Voiles de Saint-Tropez for classic yachts. Together with the skipper, you’ll develop strategies, considering the wind conditions and meticulously preparing the sails.

    The Race Begins

    As the starting cannons boom and bagpipes play, the majestic procession of yachts sets sail. Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez springs to life with an impressive display of Maxis, modern yachts, and timeless classics like Halloween and Mariska. Among them is the yacht Manitou, a 1937 masterpiece with a rich history, famously known as John F. Kennedy’s “Floating White House.”

    Rolex Trophy Competition

    Today also marks the start of the Rolex Trophy, part of the Voiles de Saint-Tropez. This trophy is awarded to the overall winner of the Classic Division based on their regatta performance. Ready to claim this prize? Let’s give it our best shot!
    As the sun sets, unwind at the SNSM Saint-Tropez Party. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, share stories from the day’s races, and celebrate with fellow sailors and enthusiasts. It’s the perfect way to end a day filled with excitement and competition.

    The Day at a Glance

    • Daybreak and Preparations: Start your day by joining the crew to strategize and prepare the sails for the Voiles de Saint-Tropez.
    • The Race Begins: Experience the thrill as the starting cannons fire and yachts, including the historic Manitou, set sail.
    • Rolex Trophy Competition: Compete for the prestigious Rolex Trophy in the Classic Division, aiming for top performance.
    • Evening Highlights: Unwind at the SNSM Saint-Tropez Party, sharing stories and celebrating with fellow sailors and enthusiasts.
    Bagpiper Moonbeam Saint Tropez
    Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez

    Day 4 - Second Race Day, Continue the Challenge


    October 2nd

    Morning Spectacle

    Start your day with an exhilarating sail from the harbour, surrounded by the lively energy of spectators. The cheers and applause as the yachts glide by create an unforgettable atmosphere. Today, a grand fleet of 250 yachts, including IRC yachts, Maxis, and classic yachts, will compete in the bay of Saint-Tropez.

    A Day of Racing

    The race begins with a burst of energy, demanding skill and precision from all participants. Navigating the vast waterlines and managing the sails is a true test of expertise. Classic yachts are vying for the prestigious Rolex Trophy again today. Throughout the race, enjoy delicious sandwiches and refreshing drinks to keep you energized.

    Afternoon Relaxation and Evening Activities

    After the race, the afternoon is yours to explore the bustling harbour, soak in the lively atmosphere, or relax on the beach. In the evening, you have the option to join the Boules Competition at the North Sails Party. The “Concours de boules” is a traditional pétanque tournament held during the Voiles de Saint-Tropez festivities. Pétanque, a beloved French game similar to bocce, involves players throwing metal balls (boules) as close as possible to a small wooden ball (cochonnet).

    The Day at a Glance

    • Morning Spectacle: Exhilarating sail from the harbour, surrounded by the lively energy of spectators cheering on a grand fleet of 250 yachts.
    • A Day of Racing: Engage in a thrilling race requiring skill and precision, competing for the prestigious Rolex Trophy while enjoying delicious sandwiches and refreshing drinks.
    • Afternoon Relaxation: Join the Boules Competition at the North Sails Party, participate in the traditional pétanque tournament, or simply enjoy the festive evening ambience.
    Noblesse Yachts
    Voiles de Saint Tropez
    Noblesse Yachts

    Day 5 - Third Race Day, Centenary Trophy and Crew Parade


    October 3rd

    Challenge Day

    Thursday in Saint Tropez marks Challenge Day, a tradition honouring the origins of Les Voiles, where crews engage in spirited duels on the Nioulargue course with two or more boats, driven by the thrill of competition. The history of Challenge Day begins in the early 1980s, when sailors Jean Laurain and Dick Jayson sparked a competition during a casual chat in a local bar, leading to the birth of La Nioulargue and, ultimately, Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez. The day has become Challenge Day, where boats challenge each other to friendly races.

    Special Highlight: The crew parade

    The day includes the optional Crew Parade at 6:30 PM in the Race Village. Crews dance and sing, led by musicians. The winner receives the Bertaud Belieu Vineyard prize, announced at the Voiles de Saint-Tropez prize-giving ceremony. The evening draws to a close with vibrant music and animated conversations, a fitting conclusion to a day filled with memorable events and shared experiences.

    The Day at a Glance

    • Challenge Day: Engage in spirited duels on the Nioulargue course, embracing the tradition of friendly competition that marks the origins of Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez.
    • Special Highlight – Crew Parade: At 6:30 PM, join the optional Crew Parade in the Regatta Village. Watch as crews dance and sing, led by musicians, with the winner receiving the Bertaud Belieu Vineyard prize.
    Noblesse Yachts

    Day 6 - Fourth Race Day and exhilerating Crew Party


    October 4th

    The Grand Finale: Maxi Yachts at their best

    It’s already Friday, another day in this idyllic setting. The focus shifts to the grand finale of the Maxi Yachts, concluding a week that has elevated Saint Tropez to the second-largest Maxi meet globally. For admirers of classic yachts, watching these racing vessels showcase their skills on challenging courses is a stirring spectacle. Today follows the traditional regatta schedule, featuring the Rolex Trophy.

    Racing Excitement

    Whether the sun shines brightly or the winds pick up, the conditions will add to the excitement of the day. An assortment of snacks and drinks is readily available, ensuring you stay energized for the day’s challenges. After the races, we celebrate with the traditional ‘Splice the Mainbrace,’ raising a toast to our efforts and the fantastic time we’ve had so far.

    An evening of memories

    As the sun sets, the Race Village transforms with the beats of a DJ starting at 6:30 PM, setting the scene for live music and celebration. This moment is bittersweet as our time in Saint-Tropez nears its end, offering a chance to reflect on the vibrant memories created during this extraordinary week.

    The Day at a Glance

    • The Grand Finale: Gearing up for the grand finale of the Maxi Yachts and the prestigious Rolex Trophy at the Voiles de Saint-Tropez.
    • Racing Excitement: Experience the final race with unwavering spirit, enjoying snacks and drinks, and celebrating with the ‘Splice the Mainbrace’ toast.
    • Evening of Memories: Conclude the day at the Race Village with a DJ at 6:30 PM, live music, and a celebration, reflecting on the vibrant memories of the week.
    Noblesse Yachts
    Voiles de Saint Tropez
    Noblesse Yachts

    Day 7 - Fifth Race Day and Final Push


    October 5th

    A Symphony of Elegance 

    On the last day of Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez, sailors get ready for the final race, with the sounds of cannon fire, bagpipes, and sea shanties filling the air. The atmosphere in Saint-Tropez is truly special, as hundreds of people gather along the harbour, buzzing with excitement as the fleet sets sail.

    A Week to Remember

    The week concludes with a sense of accomplishment as we cross the finish line. Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez, with its quarter-century reputation, showcased thrilling races under ideal conditions. Sailboats of various sizes and designs raced to their peak abilities.

    Celebration and Farewell

    Live music kicks off the evening festivities at 6:30 PM. Sailors celebrate late into the night, reminiscing about the sea, billowing sails, refreshing spray, and shared laughter. These memories will linger long after, until the enchanting Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez returns next year.

    The Day at a Glance

    • Final Race: Start the last day of Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez with cannon fire, bagpipes, and sea shanties as the fleet sets sail.
    • Week’s Triumph: Celebrate the conclusion of a thrilling week of races.
    • Farewell Celebration: Join the evening festivities with live music at 6:30 PM, celebrating late into the night with cherished memories.
    Noblesse Yachts
    Noblesse Yachts
    Les Voiles de Saint Tropez

    Day 8 - Honor the Champions and Farewell


    October 6th

    The Awards Ceremony

    Under the Saint-Tropez sun, surrounded by the Gulf of Saint Tropez, diverse sailors from around the world have gathered, fostering bonds in this unique, passionate atmosphere. Scheduled for 11 AM, the awards ceremony marks the end of intense competition. We await the victors with pride and a sense of accomplishment.

    A Farewell

    For those leaving today, consider afternoon flights to savor this occasion fully. Rest assured, we are committed to ensuring your timely departure. As we part ways, our gratitude for shared experiences is extended. This is not a final farewell but a sincere ‘Bon voyage!’ until we meet again. For those with time, consider extending your stay for one more day, delving further into the allure of Saint-Tropez. It’s a splendid way to prolong the enchantment of your visit.

    The Day at a Glance

    • Awards Ceremony: Join the 11 AM celebration under the Saint-Tropez sun to honour the victors.
    • Farewell: Depart in the afternoon with cherished memories, or extend your stay to enjoy more of Saint-Tropez.
    Noblesse Yachts
    Noblesse Yachts
  • Morning

    Saint-Tropez Awaits

    Arrive at the harbor

    As the sun rises on the horizon, our yacht eagerly awaits the sail. We can arrange airport or hotel pick-up for your convenience, transporting you directly to the marina. Join your fellow sailors there, perhaps savouring a fresh croissant at a café or anticipating the day ahead. As the crew gathers at the yacht, you have the opportunity to assist with preparations, acquaint yourself with the skipper, receive safety instructions, and learn some basic manoeuvres. The crew will also guide you on how you can contribute to the racing if you’re interested.

    Noblesse Yachts


    Push Your Limits

    Sail to victory

    Set sail and embrace the thrill of the open sea as we embark on an exhilarating voyage with our classic yacht. The sea welcomes you to choose your level of involvement – whether you want to be hands-on, feeling the rush of the wind in the sails, or prefer to unwind and soak in the breathtaking spectacle. During the heart-pounding race, our vessel offers a tempting array of snacks and refreshments, ensuring you’re fueled for the day’s excitement.


    Crossing the finish line at full sail and top speed, we return to the marina, crew uniforms adorned, ready to celebrate the age-old maritime tradition of ‘Splice the Mainbrace.’ Enjoy a premium Oliva cigar, a complimentary delight, and, if you wish, indulge in the finest rum. This is your opportunity to be part of a maritime adventure where passion and determination carry us, marked by unforgettable memories at Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez.

    Noblesse Yachts


    Maritime Celebration

    Saint-Tropez by night

    As the sun sets, the evening evolves into a gathering where you’re warmly invited to stay as long as your heart desires. But for those not yet ready to say goodbye, the adventure continues. Extend your stay in one of our prestigious partner hotels or opt for another exhilarating day of maritime exploits. This is your opportunity to fully embrace Saint-Tropez’s vibrant nightlife.


    Explore the charming streets, teeming with bars and eateries, or venture into the lively La Quai district, a treasure trove of nightclubs and cocktail bars. Alternatively, immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of the clubs along the Paseo Marítimo. Whatever your heart desires, Saint-Tropez’s nightlife guarantees an unforgettable experience.

    Golf und Regatta Day 4

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