September 5, 2023

1890’s Masterpiece: Yacht SKY’s Timeless Voyage

Sailing Into History: The Timeless Elegance of Yacht SKY

The classic sailing yacht Sky stands as a testament to the artistry and innovation of late-19th-century shipbuilding. This majestic 1890 gaff-rigged 2-mast yawl, represents a seamless blend of historical elegance and modern luxury. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the allure of SKY, a yacht that not only sails across the waters but also through the corridors of time.
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A Masterpiece Reborn

Constructed with unparalleled craftsmanship in the United Kingdom, SKY’s design features an oak hull and teak decks, underpinned by mahogany interiors that stretch her length to an impressive 85 feet. To keep SKY in perfect condition, she was thoroughly restored in Spain between 1997 and 1999. Between 2008 and 2018, SKY underwent a significant refit, updating her with modern equipment and replacing 27 oak frames.
Noblesse Yachts❐ Preserved Elegance: SKY’s Mahogany Charm


An Unrivaled Sailing Experience

SKY promises an unmatched sailing experience, with a cruising speed of 7.5 knots and the capability to reach 9 knots. She is perfectly equipped for both spirited regatta competitions and serene coastal voyages. The authenticity of her sail power, combined with modern navigation and safety systems, guarantees both exhilarating adventures and peaceful passages.
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An Iconic Guest

Among the luminaries who have graced her decks, Brigitte Bardot stands out, adding a layer of glamour to SKY’s storied history. The French icon’s presence aboard SKY in the heyday of her career underscores the yacht’s allure to celebrities and sailing aficionados alike, highlighting its status as a vessel of beauty and prestige.
Noblesse Yachts❐ Brigitte Bardot and Alain Delon in the year 1968


The Oldest Competitor in the Regatta Field

What sets SKY apart in the world of classic yachting is her title as the oldest yacht participating in classic regattas. This accolade is not merely about age; it signifies SKY’s enduring legacy and her timeless appeal to both sailing enthusiasts and those who appreciate the finer things in life. Her participation in these prestigious events showcases her competitive spirit and the craftsmanship that allows her to compete with grace against newer vessels, embodying the spirit of sailing history.


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A Voyage Through Time

SKY invites you on a voyage that transcends mere travel, offering a glimpse into the soul of classic sailing. Each journey aboard SKY is an immersion in history and a chance to live the legacy of nautical craftsmanship. Whether you are drawn to her for the thrill of the regatta or the tranquillity of a sunset sail, SKY promises an experience that is both enriching and unforgettable.


Noblesse Yachts❐ SKY: A Competitor to Watch in Regattas


General Specifications

Yacht: SKY
Year built: 1890
Built by: Thetis Ware, United Kingdom
Type: Gaff rigged yawl
Length over all (ft/mtr): 85,2/26,0
Beam (ft/mtr): 13,1/4,0
Draught (ft/mtr): 8,5/2,6
Displacement (ton): 45

Restoration 1997 – 1999: During this period, the yacht was brought back to its original design, based on extensive historical expertise by Spencer Rigging in Cowes (UK). Complete restoration of the hull, interior & all installations, carried out by Dradisa-Vilanova in Spain under the supervision of Spencer Rigging.
Restoration 2008 – 2014: Extensive Restauration, bringing the boat back into excellent condition with modern equipment. Main activities during this period: Replacement of 27 oak frames; Partial new teak deck; replacement of all kits; extension front side of doghouse for ventilation purposes below deck; main engine overhaul and new gearbox; new generator, pumps, steering system; new kitchen equipment; new entertainment system; new sails; and much more.


❐ Explore SKY: A Brief Video Tour


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