Shared Yacht Ownership:
Pros and Cons

Happy family with their shared yacht ownership

What is Shared Yacht Ownership, and What Are the Pros and Cons? In general, shared yacht ownership is not a new concept. However, if you are thinking about owning a yacht for the first time, you may not know it is possible.   The concept of yacht sharing is quite simple in principle. The annual […]

Stunning Montenegro –
Why you should visit

The most luxurious resort in Montenegro can be found in St. Stefan today. Celebrities visit it, and its beaches are known for their incredible beauty

Here are 11 reasons why Montenegro should be on your bucket list right now.   Being the smallest fully recognized Balkan country and the smallest country in Europe, Montenegro has become a trendy travel destination in recent years.   In addition to having the seventh highest number of UNESCO protected areas per square meter in […]

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