May 28, 2022

Cannes Film Festival 2023: 5 Luxury Yachts to charter for quayside events. Elevated experience guaranteed!

When the film industry’s most celebrated faces and the world’s prominent figures descend on Cannes, the southern coast town becomes a hub of activity. This big event makes it challenging to get reservations, whether for accommodation or dining experience, in the days and weeks preceding the film festival, but especially during the days of the event. Therefore, to enjoy the Cannes Film Festival to the fullest, many professionals and attendees choose to celebrate the event on a chartered superyacht. A Cannes film festival yacht charter enables you to have an unparalleled experience: fine dining, world-class accommodations, and a base to host collaborators, clients, and friends. With a superyacht charter for the Cannes Film Festival 2023, you create your own oasis in this majestic town. If it’s not already, choosing the perfect luxury yacht to charter should be a priority for you, as it dictates the kind of experience you’ll have whilst attending the event.

Luxury Yachts to charter for Cannes Film Festival 2023

The yacht you charter will dictate your perspective of the event. Your focus should be on a Cannes yacht rental that surpasses your needs and the needs of your guests, encompassing elegance, function, and distinction. This list of luxury yachts includes some of the most prestigious yachts alongside little-known gems guaranteed to elevate your Cannes experience unlike any other.

1. Sirocco

Sirocco is an elegant behemoth. This 47-metre luxury yacht was built with every amenity in mind. The result is a yacht that is the experience. The warmth of each of the six suites — that can comfortably accommodate up to 12 overnight guests — will become a sanctuary for you and your guests. Beyond the magnificence of the suites, the shared spaces are a dream with their timeless finishes and otherwordly styling that pales in comparison to the extensive deck space, perfect for socializing and relaxing while enjoying breathtaking views over Cannes.
You’ll find the saloon on the main deck, offering vast spaces for relaxation and lounging. The main deck is also home to a formal dining space, where you can enjoy a sophisticated dinner with guests. Make your way to the upper deck, and you’ll find alfresco dining suitable for relaxation or dining with unmatched views.
Sirocco is best for relaxed hosting away from the frenzy of the Festival, perfect for collaborative meetings followed by opulent cruising. Enjoy the Cannes Film Festival from the confines of this retreat.
Noblesse Yachts

2. Aslec 4

The award-winning Aslec 4 is known as a “swimming piece of art” for her exceptional features and magnificent decadence that encompasses the magnificence of the Festival. The 48-metre vessel contains five opulent cabins suited for up to 12 overnight guests, but this superyacht can comfortably accommodate far more day guests, making it the ideal hub for hosting informal and formal soirees. Her understated elegance is the epitome of modern sophistication, which comes to life in the gold leaf, chrome, and carbon accents, anchored by precious woods like ebony and oak.
Guests will enjoy the dining and outdoor spaces divided among Aslec 4’s three decks. Guests arriving by Tender will ascend the broad staircase to be greeted by the spacious lounging area, perfect for drinks and get-togethers on the main deck aft. Up another staircase, guests will appreciate the alfresco dining anchored by privacy and views. The uppermost deck has an intimate spa and breathtaking views. These features make Aslec 4 the luxury yacht for networking professionals that want to indulge in the unique culture of the Cannes Film Festival.
Noblesse Yachts

3. Enigma

Enigma is an idyllic Cannes Film Festival yacht charter for professionals searching for a base to connect with valuable business contacts. The name alone reveals what this 22.4-metre luxury yacht entails. The four cabins accommodate up to eight guests and the intimate indoor and outdoor entertaining areas can comfortably accommodate 30 quayside guests. Guests can expect unmatched privacy thanks to the luxury yacht’s design. For lounging, guests can make their way to Enigma’s aft, where there are sofas placed in the sunshine offering a relaxing atmosphere. Guests will also enjoy the sun loungers on the yacht’s stern, with magnificent ocean views and full sunlight.
For lounging, guests can access alfresco dining on Enigma’s starboard. These intimate features make Enigma a superior getaway from the hustle and bustle of the Festival and offer unmatched privacy for professional and casual events.
Noblesse Yachts

4. Giraud

Designed to be your palace on the sea, Giraud is unlike any other Cannes Film Festival yacht charter. The 40-metre luxury yacht can accommodate 11 guests in her five staterooms. The discerning will appreciate the impeccable privacy afforded by the design that enables you to enjoy the exquisite views of the French Riviera away from prying eyes and the busyness of Cannes.
Soak up the sun and reenergize at the spa pool on the sun deck or enjoy the company of friends, collaborators, and clients at the 14-seat dining area on the upper deck. Equipped with water toys means you and your guests can enjoy an endless array of entertainment while aboard the Giraud.
Noblesse Yachts

5. Elysium I

If understated glamour and over-the-top luxury sound appealing to you, this Cannes Film Festival yacht charter should be your choice. Elysium I is the epitome of Italian elegance and design, to be enjoyed on the French Riviera. This 35-metre luxury yacht built by Riva has accommodation for 11 guests in its world-class five suites. Like other yachts available through Noblesse Yachts, Elysium I prioritizes privacy and seclusion, something guests appreciate after spending hours in the Frenzy of the Film Festival.
The main deck has an expansive saloon sheltered from the buzz but with large windows for panoramic views. On the deck, guests can relax in the spacious lounge with a jacuzzi or descend the statement staircases on either side of the aft deck for easy access to the water to enjoy the luxury yacht’s water toys.
Noblesse Yachts
These five Yacht Charter opportunities for the Cannes Film Festival 2023 offer an exclusive perspective of the French Riviera. They are an idyllic base from which to enjoy the week, enabling you to retreat to luxurious privacy. With nearly 200.000 guests expected to attend the Cannes Film Festival, it’s also advised to charter a luxury yacht as soon as possible to avoid the disappointing news that one of these beauties is no longer available.

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