25th edition


22. June - 4. July 2024

A Timeless Odyssey Across the Mediterranean

Ah, the Trophée Bailli de Suffren, a Jewel in the Crown of Classic Yacht Racing!

In the world of sailing, few events capture the essence of tradition and adventure, like the Trophée Bailli de Suffren. Named after the revered 18th-century French Admiral Bailli de Suffren, this regatta weaves a rich tapestry of history with every nautical mile.


The participants of the Bailli de Suffren find themselves tracing the routes of ancient mariners. From the glamorous shores of Saint-Tropez to the rugged coastlines of Sardinia and onward to the historic ports of Bizerte and Malta, each leg of the regatta is a celebration of the Mediterranean’s unparalleled beauty.


The journey through the regatta is also a cultural odyssey. Every port of call offers a chance to immerse in the rich tapestry of Mediterranean culture, history, and cuisine. But the true essence of the Trophée Bailli de Suffren lies in the spirit of its participants – a fraternity of sailors bound by their love for the sea, the wind, and the timeless beauty of their vessels. Onboard, skill, teamwork, and the thrill of the race amalgamate with moments of serene connection to the vast, blue expanse.

A brief overview. What is the Trophée Bailli de Suffren?

The Trophée Bailli de Suffren, a prestigious sailing event, originated as a tribute to Pierre André de Suffren, also known as the Bailli de Suffren. He was a celebrated 18th-century French naval commander and a Knight of Malta, renowned for his bravery and strategic prowess in naval battles during the American Revolutionary War and the Anglo-French War.


The regatta was conceived to honour his legacy and maritime heritage, blending the spirit of traditional sailing with the celebration of Mediterranean history and culture. It retraces a route reminiscent of the historic sea voyages that Suffren would have undertaken, connecting iconic Mediterranean ports and showcasing the beauty and challenges of sea navigation in the style of bygone eras. The event emphasizes the values of seamanship, skill, and the timeless traditions of the sea, all of which are intrinsic to the legacy of the Bailli de Suffren.

How much does it cost to participate in the Trophée Bailli de Suffren?

Charter a Piece of Sailing History: Mariska by William Fife

Secure an exclusive charter of Mariska, the 1908 classic yacht designed by William Fife, for a once-in-a-lifetime participation in the legendary regatta.

Yacht Mariska exclusive for the whole event:
€ 73.025,-  


Please note, the charter cost will have VAT added. Looking for a unique team-building event? Chartering Mariska could offer tax advantages, including a VAT refund. We recommend consulting with your tax advisor for detailed advice on this opportunity.

The charter costs are complemented by the Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA), amounting to € 24.975.-

This comprehensive fee covers all crew-related expenses, insurance, regatta registration fees, fuel, port dues, and onboard food and beverages. Please be aware that any personal expenses incurred on land – such as meals, drinks, excursions, and activities outside the event program – are not included in the charter or APA costs and will be your responsibility.

Discover the surroundings.

classic sailing yacht


The Legacy of Mariska
Mariska, a masterpiece of nautical engineering and design, is a living testament to the golden age of yachting. Built in 1908 by the renowned Scottish boatbuilder William Fife III, Mariska is a classic 15-meter racing yacht, a category known for its elegance and speed. Crafted from the finest materials of its time, the yacht embodies a rich history, having graced the seas for over a century. Its sleek lines and gleaming wooden deck hark back to an era where craftsmanship and aesthetic beauty were paramount. Mariska’s journey through the years is a story of resilience and preservation, marked by careful restorations that have kept the yacht not only seaworthy but also competitive in classic yacht regattas.


A Design that Transcends Time
The design of Mariska is a blend of form and function that has stood the test of time. Her hull, constructed from high-quality woods, showcases Fife’s attention to detail and his understanding of the elements that make a yacht both fast and beautiful. The yacht’s overhanging stern and bow, a signature of the 15-meter class, give it an unmistakable silhouette that is both aggressive and graceful. Below deck, Mariska maintains an air of classic charm, with period fixtures and a layout that respects her original design. Modern safety and navigation equipment have been seamlessly integrated to ensure that Mariska remains competitive and safe without compromising her historical integrity.


Mariska in the Modern Era
Today, Mariska is not just a relic of the past but a vibrant participant in the classic sailing circuit. She can be chartered with Noblesse Yachts to compete in some of the most prestigious regattas, where she continues to turn heads and capture hearts. Being aboard Mariska is like stepping back in time, as she cuts through the waves with the same agility and speed that made her a marvel over a century ago. Her presence at events is a celebration of maritime heritage, inspiring awe and admiration from both sailing enthusiasts and the general public. Mariska serves as a floating museum, an educational tool, and a symbol of the enduring allure of classic yachts.

Elegant Legacy

Mariska, a 1908 masterpiece by William Fife III, excels in classic regattas due to her timeless design and competitive edge. Her historic charm, coupled with modern updates, ensures both authenticity and top performance.
Mariska is the perfect choice for regattas, captivating participants and spectators alike with her timeless design and competitive spirit.
18 days in pure excitement

Embark on a Journey Through Time and Sea: The Itinerary of the Trophée Bailli de Suffren

Welcome to the Trophée Bailli de Suffren, an illustrious sailing regatta that intertwines the thrill of competition with the romance of Mediterranean history. As you embark on this extraordinary journey, you will be tracing the wake of ancient mariners, exploring enchanting destinations, and immersing yourself in a world where sailing tradition meets cultural splendour.


This itinerary is your guide through a series of picturesque landscapes, from the glamorous Saint-Tropez to the historic shores of Malta. Prepare to set sail on an unforgettable voyage that promises more than just the joy of sailing and competing – it’s a voyage through history, culture, and the heart of the Mediterranean.

Day 1, Saint-Tropez ahoy!


June 20th

Arrival in Saint-Tropez: A Journey Begins

Journey to Saint-Tropez on June 20st for a day of discovery and connection. Should you desire, we are at your service to arrange your flights, complete with a welcoming pick-up at Nice airport. Our luxurious vans will escort you directly to Saint-Tropez, where an array of yachts awaits at the port, marking the start of an extraordinary sailing voyage.

Exploring the Charm of Saint-Tropez

As you arrive, the captivating charm of Saint-Tropez unfolds before you, a delightful blend of age-old maritime heritage and contemporary elegance. Take this time to familiarize yourself with the city, wandering its quaint cobblestone streets and immersing in its distinctive atmosphere.

Noblesse Yachts

Day 2, Learning the Ropes


June 21th

Morning Arrival at the Marina
As the day begins, you and other guests, still relishing a delicious breakfast, gather at the marina. Here, our stunning classic yacht awaits your arrival. Her classic beauty and elegance set the stage for an unforgettable sailing adventure. Aboard the yacht, the friendly crew welcomes you warmly, ushering in the start of an extraordinary journey.

Setting Sail: A Journey Begins
The crew ensures everyone’s comfort and safety with a thorough briefing, acquainting you with the yacht’s protocols. As the yacht departs, you experience an instant rush of excitement. The sails billow, and the wind playfully toss your hair, symbolizing a sense of freedom and a thrilling dance with the sea.

Dîner des Armateurs: An Evening of Friends

As the day transitions into evening, the “Dîner des Armateurs” commences, an exclusive and sophisticated dinner offering a chance for the crews to mingle and build connections. This enchanting evening in Saint-Tropez is more than a culinary experience; it’s a celebration of the upcoming journey, bringing together individuals who share a deep love for the sea and sailing.

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Party at the Pool

Day 3, Throw off the Bowlines!


June 22th


Morning Preparation and Briefing

The morning of June 22, 2024, brings a perfect day for sailing. Re-energized from the previous evening, sailors convene at the SNST Club House at 8:30 AM for a vital pre-race briefing, where excitement and determination fill the air.

Setting Sail: The Journey Begins

By 10:30 AM, the solemnity of the official ceremonies pays homage to the race’s heritage. At 12:30 PM, the adventure kicks into high gear as crews aboard their yachts head south, sails catching the warm and steady Levante winds, a crucial ally in their 188-nautical mile journey towards Sardinia’s shores.

Evening Sail: Embracing the Maritime Legacy
Throughout the day, the yachts sail gracefully across the sea, bathed in the golden light of the setting sun. These moments are more than just a race; they embody the essence of sailing, with sailors of the Trophée Bailli de Suffren 2024 embracing their role as keepers of maritime tradition. As darkness envelops the sea, stars twinkle above, guiding them to their destination, each mile a new chapter in their unforgettable maritime saga.

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Day 4, Sailing through the Day under a wide maritime Sky


June 23th

Embracing the Open Sea 
On Sunday, June 23, 2024, the participants of the Trophée Bailli de Suffren find themselves amid a serene expanse, embraced by the vastness of the open sea. It’s a day where the only companions are the yacht, the wind, and the endless blue horizon. As the sun rises, casting its first light on the waters, a sense of peace and adventure fills the air.
Sailing South: A Connection with the Sea
The yacht cuts through the waves, propelled southbound towards Sardinia by the steady hands of the wind. For you, this journey is a chance to connect with the sea truly. Away from the distractions of land, they find themselves attuned to the rhythms of the ocean. The gentle rocking of the yacht, the sound of the waves against the hull, and the wind’s whisper through the sails become a symphony of the natural world.
Teamwork and Learning: Bonding on the Waves
This is the day’s silent mantra. Each crew member plays a vital role, and It’s a time for learning and bonding, where experienced hands guide the less seasoned, and new friendships are forged over shared tasks and stories. As the sun sets, painting the sky in shades of orange and pink, the sailors are not just moving closer to their physical destination but are also journeying deeper into the heart of what it means to be at sea.

Voiles d'Antibes
Halloween yacht 1926

Day 5, Land ho! Alghero on the Beam!


June 24th

A Night on the Open Sea: A Spectacle of Nature

The night spent on the vast ocean might have been a first for many, a night where the sea itself turned into a canvas of fluorescent beauty, perhaps even graced by the playful company of dolphins. As dawn breaks, the picturesque Alghero, nestled on the west coast of Sardinia, begins to emerge on the horizon. The sight is a welcoming one, signaling a successful passage and the promise of new discoveries.

Alghero Unveiled: A Blend of History and Culture

Before long, the fleet is safely moored in the heart of Alghero, surrounded by the historical grandeur of the old town. Alghero, with its cobblestone streets and vibrant history, invites them to explore its treasures. The town, a perfect blend of Italian and Catalan influences, offers a rich tapestry of culture, architecture, and cuisine.

Evening in Alghero: A Time for Reflection and Joy

The day is spent wandering through ancient alleyways, discovering hidden piazzas, and marvelling at Gothic architecture. As evening falls, the harbour becomes a place of relaxation and reflection. The sailors gather, recounting the day’s adventures, the setting sun turning the sky into a spectacle of colours. The night in Alghero is a perfect pause, a moment to savour the beauty of the journey, the charm of Sardinia, and the timeless allure of the sea.

Bailli de Suffren
Bailli de Suffren

Day 6, Liberty ashore in Alghero for a Day


June 25th

A Serene Morning in Alghero

On the morning of June 25, 2024, Alghero awakens to another beautiful day, its streets bathed in the warm glow of the early sun. This day presents a welcome respite, a chance to unwind and immerse themselves in the leisurely pace of this captivating Sardinian town.

Relaxing and Socializing in Alghero’s Charm

As the day begins, sailors have the option to indulge in the simple pleasure of swimming in Alghero’s crystal-clear waters. By mid-morning, the town’s cafés come alive with crew members gathering at quaint outdoor tables, enjoying rich Italian coffee and pastries. Meanwhile, others find tranquillity in reading a good book, lounging in shady plazas or on sun-drenched terraces, enveloped in their own peaceful world.

Evening Reflections and Preparations

As afternoon turns into evening, the pace in Alghero remains unhurried. Some sailors return to the beach to watch the sunset, while others take a leisurely stroll along the marina. The gently rocking boats in the harbour serve as a reminder of the journey that lies ahead. The day concludes as a harmonious mix of relaxation, exploration, and preparation for the next stage of their adventure.

Bailli de Suffren Alghero
Bailli de Suffren

Day 7, Set Sails Southwards!


June 26th

Morning Briefing: Charting the Course to Carloforte

Today marks a new chapter in our adventure, a continuation of our regatta to the enchanting island of Carloforte. At 9:00 a.m., the crew members gather for a briefing to discuss the route, the weather, and the tactics for the day ahead. This briefing is a crucial part of the day, ensuring everyone is aligned and prepared for the competition south along Sardinia’s beautiful west coast.

Departure and Journey Along Sardinia’s Coast

An hour later, at 11:00 a.m., the fleet departs, setting sail towards Carloforte. The day ahead promises a delightful sail of 87 nautical miles, a journey expected to span 8 to 12 hours, depending on the whims of the wind. As the yachts leave Alghero behind with full sails, they are greeted by the splendid views of Sardinia’s rugged coastline, a mosaic of pristine beaches, rocky cliffs, and verdant hills.

Navigating the West Coast: A Visual and Skillful Delight

The route to Carloforte is as much a visual delight as it is a test of sailing skill. We navigate with precision, our eyes on the ever-changing sea and sky and, of course, on all the other yachts. The west coast of Sardinia offers a panorama of natural beauty, with each nautical mile revealing new wonders. The crystal-clear waters occasionally sparkle with schools of fish, and the coast is dotted with small villages and ancient watchtowers, silent witnesses to the island’s rich history.

Noblesse Yachts
Noblesse Yachts

Day 8, Carloforte on the Horizon, we've made Port.


June 27th

Arrival in Carloforte: A Welcoming Harbor

Carloforte comes into view, its welcoming harbour painting a scene of serene beauty and promising new adventures. This picturesque fishing village, with its charming harbour and hospitable locals, is a visual feast. Known for its tuna fishing and lively festivals, Carloforte offers a chance to explore another gem of the Mediterranean.

Exploring the Charm of Carloforte

The day in Carloforte is one of exploration and relaxation. Stepping off our yachts, we are greeted by the warm smiles of locals, eager to share the richness of their island. A leisurely stroll through the village’s narrow streets, lined with colourful houses and quaint shops, immerses visitors in the local culture. The air, rich with the aroma of the sea and tantalizing local cuisine, hints at the culinary delights that await.

Evening Festivities and Culinary Delights

As evening descends, Carloforte comes alive with laughter and music. Sailors gather in local taverns and restaurants, indulging in dishes made from the freshest tuna and exquisite local wines. The night in Carloforte, marked by heartfelt experiences and the tranquillity of the harbour under a starlit sky, offers a perfect conclusion to a day filled with discovery and enjoyment.

Bailli de Suffren Carloforte
Day 8 Bailli de Suffren

Day 9, Weigh anchor, hoist the Sails!


June 28th

Morning Anticipation: Preparing for the African Crossing
On the morning of Friday, June 28, 2024, Carloforte buzzes with excitement and anticipation. The sailors of the Trophée Bailli de Suffren are poised to embark on a thrilling challenge: the crossing to Africa. The morning briefing at 10 a.m. transcends mere formality, becoming a vital convergence of minds and spirits. Here, strategies are refined, and morale is bolstered in preparation for the day’s momentous journey.

The Race Begins: Setting Sail towards Bizerte
As 3 p.m. approaches, the call for “all hands on deck and hoist sails” resonates across the fleet. The sound of the starting gun marks the beginning of the race to Bizerte, a formidable journey of about 140 nautical miles. The yachts, like a flock of sea birds, leap into action, propelled by palpable excitement and a shared resolve to vie for victory and aim for the winner’s podium in Malta.

Embracing the Sea: A Journey of Freedom and Joy
The southern tip of Sardinia vanishes on the horizon, taking with it any worldly concerns. The sailors are left with the boundless freedom of the ocean – a symphony of wind in the rigging and the rhythmic rush of the bow wave. This moment epitomizes the essence of sailing – an exhilarating blend of adventure, competition, and pure joy. It’s a celebration of our deep connection with the sea, a harmonious journey that elevates our spirits and solidifies our love for the timeless art of sailing.

Carloforte Bailli de Suffren
Noblesse Yachts

Day 10, Bear away for Africa!


June 29th

Starry Guide to Africa: A Night of Reflection at Sea
The night falls, and the stars emerge, guiding us closer to Africa, each mile a testament to our skill, endurance, and the magic of the sea. The journey to Bizerte is more than a race; it’s a passage through time and elements, a dance with the winds and waves. As the yachts carve their paths across the Mediterranean, each sailor is acutely aware of being part of something larger than themselves – a timeless tradition of sailing, a bond with the sea that transcends the mere physical distance covered.

Embracing the Essence of Ocean Sailing
The new day heralds the essence of ocean sailing. Warmer winds, blowing at around 8 – 10 knots, provide perfect conditions for the classic yachts to demonstrate their full capabilities. The yacht, slicing through the waves, resonates with the sea’s rhythm. The Tunisian weather in June – sunny days, mild nights, and comfortable humidity levels – adds to the day’s charm, making the journey as comfortable as it is thrilling. The 25-degree Mediterranean waters offer a refreshing respite, inviting sailors for a pleasant swim amidst their intense race.

Anticipating the Arrival in Bizerte
As the day progresses, excitement builds among the sailors. With favourable winds, the Tunisian Mediterranean coast, featuring Bizerte, is expected to come into view by evening. The anticipation of reaching Africa and experiencing its rich history and vibrant culture adds an extra thrill to the competition. Bizerte, a city teeming with new adventures and stories, awaits the sailors, marking a significant milestone in their journey and infusing them with a sense of achievement and wonder.

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Bizerte Bailli de Suffren

Day 11, Tunisia off the Bow!


June 30th

Arrival in Bizerte: A Journey Across Continents
The arrival in Bizerte is not just a physical milestone but a symbolic one. It represents the crossing of boundaries, the bridging of worlds, and the relentless spirit of exploration that defines the essence of sailing. Stepping onto the African soil of Tunisia, they are not just sailors who have traversed the Mediterranean; they are explorers who have bridged continents. Bizerte, with its blend of history and culture, awaits to reveal its secrets and charm.

Discovering the Charms of Bizerte
The exploration of Bizerte starts with a sense of wonder. The old town, a maze of streets lined with whitewashed buildings, beckons the sailors to immerse themselves in its enchanting atmosphere. Meandering through, they encounter quaint cafes emitting the rich aroma of Tunisian coffee and fresh pastries. The vibrant local markets are alive with a kaleidoscope of colourful goods and crafts, each narrating a story of Bizerte’s rich cultural tapestry.

Evening in Bizerte: A Cultural Immersion
As evening descends upon Bizerte, the town’s energy transforms. The streets become vibrant with music and laughter, embodying the lively spirit of the town. The sailors, now deep in the embrace of local culture, convene in a beloved restaurant. Here, they are treated to a sensory feast of Tunisian flavours, where each dish, from the fiery harissa to the delicately flavoured seafood, celebrates the richness of Tunisian culinary art.

Noblesse Yachts
Noblesse Yachts

Day 12 + 13, Bizerte ahoy!

Monday and Tuesday

July 1th and 2nd

Spending two days in Bizerte, Tunisia, offers a wonderful opportunity to explore a blend of rich history, beautiful natural landscapes, and vibrant local culture. Here are some of the best things to do in Bizerte:

Visit the Old Port and Medina
The Old Port and the adjacent Medina, with its narrow streets and bustling marketplaces, are perfect for experiencing local life and culture. 

Explore the Kasbah
The Kasbah of Bizerte is a historic fortress offering panoramic views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a great place to learn about the history and architecture of the region.

Visit Ichkeul National Park
If you’re a nature enthusiast, Ichkeul National Park is a must-visit. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is known for its rich biodiversity.

Discover the Great Mosque
Visit the Great Mosque in Bizerte, which is known for its unique architecture and historical significance. It’s a peaceful place that reflects the Islamic heritage of the region.

Relax at a Traditional Hammam
Experience a traditional Tunisian hammam for relaxation and rejuvenation. It’s a great way to unwind after a day of exploring.

Camel Trekking
Once in the desert area, camel trekking is a popular activity. It offers a unique way to experience the vastness and beauty of the desert landscape. You can ride a camel and explore the rolling sand dunes, which is an unforgettable experience.

Desert Camps
For an overnight excursion, you can stay in a desert camp. These camps often offer traditional Bedouin tents equipped with basic amenities. Staying overnight in the desert allows you to experience a spectacular sunset and sunrise, and the clear night skies are perfect for stargazing.

Noblesse Yachts
Noblesse Yachts
Noblesse Yachts

Day 14, All hands on Deck - Anchor's away!


July 3rd

Farewell to Bizerte: Embarking on the Final Leg
A bittersweet moment unfolds as dawn breaks on Wednesday, July 3, 2024. We prepare to bid farewell to Bizerte, a city that has captured our hearts. The day begins early at 8:00 a.m. with a briefing. It’s a gathering to discuss the nuances of the route ahead, the weather forecasts, and the strategies for the most extended section of the regatta.

Setting Sail: The Journey Begins
At precisely noon, an air of excitement envelops the marina. The starting signal is fired, echoing across the waters, marking the beginning of this significant passage. With their sails unfurled, the yachts begin to glide gracefully away from the Tunisian coast. Our final leg, spanning approximately 245 nautical miles, promises to be a test of skill, endurance, and teamwork under the beautiful downwind courses of the Mediterranean.

Sailing into the Night: A Tranquil Passage
As the yachts round the Phare du Cap Bon and set their course into the Mediterranean’s vast expanse, the sea stretches out endlessly, its surface shimmering under the sun. This downwind course lets the yachts fully harness the wind’s power, their sails billowing as they speed through the water. As evening approaches and the sun sets, painting the sky with vibrant colours, tranquillity descends upon the fleet. The night at sea transforms into a magical time, with stars dotting the sky and the gentle sound of waves creating a soothing rhythm, ushering in a serene end to the day.

Cockpit map wheel
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Day 15, Starry Passage: Charting the Silent Waters


July 4th

A Night Voyage: Sailing Under the Stars
As the yachts continue their journey through the night, the stars become small, glowing beacons in the vast expanse of the ocean. Shrouded in darkness, the Mediterranean unveils a tranquil and introspective beauty, offering a peaceful backdrop to the night’s voyage.

Guided by the Stars: Navigating the Ancient Seas
As the night deepens, sailors take turns at the helm, guided by the celestial bodies above. They feel a profound connection with ancient mariners who once navigated these very waters. The earlier sounds of laughter and storytelling now give way to the soft, rhythmic sounds of the sea, fostering a sense of quiet contemplation among the crew.

Dawn Approaches: Welcoming the New Day
The journey through the night culminates with the approach of a spectacular sunrise. Witnessing dawn break over the ocean horizon is a breathtaking experience, one that shouldn’t be missed. The crew welcomes the new day with a hearty breakfast and strong coffee, revitalizing themselves for the day ahead as they continue sailing eastwards towards Malta. This moment, with the sun emerging from the sea, transforming the night into day, is a poignant reminder of nature’s grandeur and the beauty of sea voyages.

Vela Clasica Menorca
Noblesse Yachts

Day 16, Malta in Sight!


July 5th

Approaching Valletta: The Final Stretch of the Journey
As dawn breaks on the final day of our epic journey, the silhouette of Valetta, Malta’s storied city, begins to emerge on the horizon. Our yacht, a masterpiece of William Fife’s design, glides towards its destination under full sail, propelled by the steady Mediterranean winds. The other yachts, lost from sight since yesterday, remain a mystery, leaving us in suspense about our final position in the race. Yet, there’s confidence aboard our vessel, a deep-seated belief in the speed and prowess of our yacht.

Triumphant Arrival in Malta – 1270 Kilometers of pure Joy
The arrival in Malta is nothing short of exhilarating. As we approach the harbour of Valetta, the rich history of this ancient city unfolds before us, it’s fortifications and grand buildings a testament to its storied past. The feeling of triumph is overwhelming; we have covered almost 700 nautical miles, over 1,270 kilometers, a journey replete with experiences and adventures that have tested our skills, strengthened our bonds, and left us with unforgettable memories.

Noblesse Yachts
Noblesse Yachts

Day 17, Savour Valletta's Merriments


July 6th

Morning Refreshment in Valletta
The morning in Valletta begins with a leisurely breakfast in one of the city’s quaint outdoor cafes. Surrounded by historic streets, sailors enjoy local delicacies and fresh Maltese coffee, immersing themselves in the city’s vibrant atmosphere.

Exploring Valletta’s Rich Heritage
Later in the day, you can take the opportunity to explore Valletta’s rich cultural heritage. Wander through the city’s baroque architecture, visit the Grandmaster’s Palace, and enjoy a stroll in the Upper Barrakka Gardens. These serene gardens provide panoramic views of the Grand Harbour and offer a tranquil contrast to the earlier hustle and bustle of the race.

Celebratory Award Ceremony
The award ceremony in Valletta is a grand and fitting conclusion to the Bailli de Suffren from Saint-Tropez to Malta. Hosted in a venue steeped in history and ambience, the night is filled with celebration and recognition. Speeches, award presentations, and special acknowledgements honour the sailors’ skills, teamwork, and adventurous spirit. The evening culminates in a festive celebration with dinner, music, and dancing, celebrating the memorable experiences of the journey.

Noblesse Yachts
Noblesse Yachts

Day 18, Malta, farewell!