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Luxury. Elegance. Adventure.

Indulge in Supreme Comfort and Style with Sunseeker Yacht 'KUDOS'

The Sunseeker yacht “KUDOS” embodies luxury and elegance on the high seas. This 28-meter-long motor yacht impresses with outstanding engineering and design quality, characteristic of the renowned British shipyard Sunseeker. Launched in 2014 and meticulously refitted in 2021, KUDOS seamlessly combines state-of-the-art technology with sophisticated aesthetics, making it a sought-after choice for discerning charter clients.


KUDOS offers a spacious and stylish layout both indoors and outdoors. The interior of the yacht is designed with an open concept that maximizes space and light. Panoramic windows and sliding glass doors create a seamless connection between the interior and the breathtaking sea views. The 2021 renovation included new carpets, upholstery, furniture, and a state-of-the-art AV system, ensuring every corner of the yacht exudes modern luxury.


The yacht’s outdoor areas are equally impressive, providing numerous spots for relaxation and entertainment. From the expansive lounging areas and hot tub on the sun deck to the outdoor dining spaces and well-equipped wet bar, every detail is crafted to offer a luxurious and enjoyable experience. Whether you prefer to lounge in the sun with a refreshing drink or enjoy a gourmet meal under the stars, KUDOS offers the perfect setting.


Chartering KUDOS grants access to some of the most beautiful cruising destinations in the Western Mediterranean. Popular spots include the French Riviera, Italy, Corsica, Sardinia, and Monaco. Each location offers unique experiences, from exploring quaint coastal towns and enjoying vibrant nightlife to relaxing on pristine beaches and savouring exquisite cuisine.


Specifications and Facts of Kudos.

3 incl. Flybridge
WiFi, Sound System
Williams Jet Tender
Water Toys
Seabob, SUP
Stabilizers, Jakuzzi
28.15m | 92’4″
7.68m | 25’2″
2.13m | 6’11”
Interior Design:
Exterior Design:
Cruising Speed:
20 knots
Top Speed:
26 knots
Gross Tonnage:
95 tons
400 nm
10.000 litres
Powered by:
2x MTU V12-2000
Near Cannes
United Kingdom

Cabins aboard Kudos.

The cabins aboard KUDOS are a testament to Sunseeker’s commitment to comfort and luxurydesigned with high-end materials and finishes that reflect the yacht’s overall opulent ambiance. The 2021 refit ensured that all cabins received new linens and updated décor, maintaining them in pristine condition and aligning with contemporary luxury standards. Whether it’s the spacious master suite or the versatile twin cabin, every detail has been considered to provide a five-star experience.


Each cabin is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual systems, including high-definition televisions, premium sound systems, and a comprehensive selection of media. This setup allows guests to enjoy movies, music, and other entertainment in the privacy of their own space. The 2021 refit introduced the latest AV technology, ensuring a top-tier entertainment experience.


Advanced air conditioning systems are featured throughout all cabins, allowing guests to precisely control the temperature and humidityThis ensures a comfortable environment, regardless of the weather conditions outside. Each cabin has individual controls, enabling guests to set their preferred climate settings.


Ambient lighting in each cabin is designed to create a relaxing atmosphere. Soft, adjustable lights allow guests to customize their mood, whether they prefer bright lighting for reading or dim, soothing lights for winding down in the evening.

Master Cabin

The master cabin aboard yacht KUDOS is a luxurious full-beam suite designed for maximum comfort and elegance. It features a plush king-sized bed, a cosy seating area, and a multifunctional desk/vanity. The cabin also includes a spacious walk-in wardrobe and a modern en-suite bathroom with updated decor from the 2021 refit. Large windows provide ample natural light and stunning sea views, enhancing the airy atmosphere. The cabin has a state-of-the-art audio-visual system and advanced air conditioning, allowing guests to control the temperature and enjoy high-end entertainment in private.

VIP Cabin

The VIP cabin is an exquisite sanctuary located at the bow, offering luxurious comfort and privacy. It features a plush queen-sized bed, providing a restful sleeping experience, and ample storage space with a large wardrobe and multiple cupboards. The en-suite bathroom, updated during the 2021 refit, boasts modern fixtures, including a shower, sink, and toilet. Large windows flood the cabin with natural light and offer stunning sea views, enhancing its inviting ambience. The VIP cabin is equipped with advanced entertainment systems and air conditioning.

Double Cabins

The double cabins are designed with both flexibility and luxury in mind. Each cabin features a convertible king-size bed that can be transformed into twin beds, catering to different guest needs. These cabins include en-suite bathrooms with modern fixtures. Large windows fill the space with natural light and offer beautiful sea views. Equipped with high-definition televisions and premium sound systems, the double cabins provide top-tier entertainment. Ample storage space ensures a clutter-free environment, and advanced air conditioning systems allow guests to adjust the temperature to their liking.

Twin Cabin

The single cabin offers a cosy, private retreat with all the luxury and comfort expected from a high-end yacht. It features comfortable single beds with high-quality linens and an en-suite bathroom equipped with modern fixtures, including a shower, sink, and toilet. The cabin is brightened by a well-placed window that offers natural light and sea views, enhancing its inviting atmosphere. Ample storage ensures a tidy space, while the entertainment system, featuring a high-definition TV and sound system, provides personal entertainment. Advanced air conditioning allows for personalized climate control.

Luxurious, Elegant, Inviting

Luxury Redefined: The Stunning Interior and Exterior of Yacht KUDOS

The interior of the yacht KUDOS is designed to provide an exceptional level of luxury and comfort, characterized by an open-plan layout that maximizes space and light. The main salon is a focal point, featuring panoramic windows and sliding glass doors that create a seamless connection between the indoors and the breathtaking sea views. The 2021 refit introduced new carpets, upholstery, and furnishings, ensuring a modern and elegant ambience throughout.


The main salon boasts an airy, open-plan layout enhanced by starboard sliding doors leading to a foldable sea balcony. This space is drenched in natural light, thanks to the panoramic windows and aft glass doors. The living area is furnished with large, comfortable couches, armchairs, and a coffee table, creating a perfect space for relaxation. Forward of the living area is the formal dining space, capable of comfortably seating all eight guests. This arrangement facilitates a seamless flow between lounging and dining areas, ideal for socializing and entertaining.


The exterior of KUDOS is equally impressive, offering various spaces designed for relaxation, entertainment, and enjoying the sun and sea. The main deck aft provides a shaded seating area, ideal for enjoying breakfast or casual meals in a relaxed outdoor settingperfect for taking in the views while being protected from the sun. The forward deck features a large sunbathing area with ample seating, an excellent spot for lounging and enjoying a drink while soaking up the sun.


The sundeck is a highlight of the yacht, offering expansive lounging areas, a wet bar, and additional dining space. This area is designed for both relaxation and socializing, with sun pads for tanning and a Jacuzzi for unwinding. The sundeck is perfect for al fresco dining or simply watching the sunset. At the stern, the yacht features a spacious swimming platform, providing easy access to the water for swimming and water sports, enhancing the yacht’s appeal to active guests who enjoy water-based activities.

Luxury meets Adventure

Amenities & Water Toys.

KUDOS offers a wide array of water toys and entertainment options, ensuring guests have ample activities to enjoy. Among the water toys available are two Seabobs, perfect for exploring underwater, and paddleboards for a more serene experience. For those seeking adrenaline, the yacht includes a wakeboard, water skis, and various towable inflatables. Snorkelling gear allows guests to explore the vibrant marine life, while fishing equipment provides an opportunity to catch local fish.


The yacht also features a Williams Jet Tender 445, which is ideal for quick shore trips and water sports. Entertainment on board is top-notch, with state-of-the-art audio-visual systems in each cabin, including high-definition televisions and premium sound systems. High-speed Wi-Fi ensures connectivity throughout the yacht.


For relaxation, KUDOS boasts a Jacuzzi on the sundeck, offering stunning views while guests unwind. Ample sun pads and loungers on the sundeck and forward deck provide comfortable spots for sunbathing and relaxation. These amenities, combined with the luxurious design and modern technology, make KUDOS a perfect blend of fun and comfort for an unforgettable charter experience.

Kudos' Water Toys:

  • Williams Jet Tender
  • 2 Seabobs
  • Water Ski
  • Wakeboard
  • SUP/Paddleboard
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Inflatable water toy

Kudos' Amenities:

  • Zero Speed Stabilizers
  • Air Conditioning
  • Jacuzzi
  • Swimming Platform
  • Sun pads and Loungers

Kudos' Entertainment:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Audio Systems (indoor and outdoor)
  • Flatscreen LED TVs
Kudos' top Destinations

So much to sea.

Luxury yacht Kudos primarily spends its summer days cruising the Western Mediterranean. Operating out of its home port near Cannes, the yacht frequents the glamorous Côte d’Azur and Monaco and the Balearic Islands, including Mallorca, Menorca, and Ibiza. Upon request, more distant destinations like Sardinia and Corsica are also accessible.


Monaco epitomizes luxury and sophistication on the French Riviera. Nestled between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, this sovereign city-state dazzles with its blend of high culture, ancient architecture, and contemporary living. Known for its opulent casino, stunning gardens, and the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix, Monaco serves as a playground for the elite. 


Whether Nice, Saint-Tropez, or Corsica, Kudos gracefully navigates to the most coveted ports of France. Nice, with its charming blend of real-city grit and old-world opulence, invites visitors to explore its vibrant markets and stunning coastline. Saint-Tropez offers a playground of white-sand beaches and a lively nightlife scene, famous for its exclusive clubs and celebrity sightings. Corsica presents a rugged escape with its dramatic landscapes, ancient hilltop villages, and cultural richness. Each destination boasts unique attractions and a welcoming marina, providing the perfect gateway to experience the French Riviera’s luxurious lifestyle and spectacular scenery.


Kudos offers the perfect opportunity to explore the vibrant ports of Spain, from the bustling cityscape of Barcelona to the tranquil shores of the Balearic Islands. Barcelona greets visitors with its iconic architecture, lively tapas bars, and rich cultural heritage, making it a hub of activity and beauty. Its port is one of the largest in the Mediterranean, well-equipped to welcome luxury yachts. Meanwhile, the Balearics, featuring islands such as Mallorca, Ibiza, and Menorca, offer a more laid-back vibe with stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and hidden coves perfect for private anchorages. 


Superyacht Kudos is your gateway to the enchanting destinations of Italy, including the Amalfi Coast, Sardinia, and Sicily. Glide along the Amalfi Coast, where steep cliffs and picturesque villages create a backdrop of unforgettable beauty. This storied coastline offers charming ports like Positano and Amalfi, where you can savour authentic Italian cuisine and explore vibrant local cultures. Venture to Sardinia for its pristine white beaches and the glamorous Costa Smeralda, a hotspot for luxury yachting. Each of these Italian jewels offers unique experiences, from the tranquil waters of Sardinia’s hidden coves to the dramatic landscapes of Sicily’s volcanic shores.

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