The Perfect Yacht Charter: How to Plan and Book

The perfect Yacht Charter. Enjoy the sunset on the owner's suite balcony of the new Lagoon Seventy7

Our thanks go to international free travel journalist Tom Beringer for sharing this article about how to plan and book the perfect yacht charter. Maybe now is the time to finally take the plunge if you’ve always wanted to sail a yacht.   ❐ Just you and your crew and the open sea – The […]

Stunning Montenegro –
Why you should visit

The most luxurious resort in Montenegro can be found in St. Stefan today. Celebrities visit it, and its beaches are known for their incredible beauty

Here are 11 reasons why Montenegro should be on your bucket list right now.   Being the smallest fully recognized Balkan country and the smallest country in Europe, Montenegro has become a trendy travel destination in recent years.   In addition to having the seventh highest number of UNESCO protected areas per square meter in […]

Your personal Quayside Event – Attend the world’s most exciting events on a superyacht!

Quayside Events – Attend the world's most exciting events on a superyacht!

Successful executives know that any corporate event needs to be noteworthy and stand out from the crowd. Choosing a unique and memorable location is essential for the success of your event. Whether you’re hosting important clients (arranging meetings, tracking negotiations, signing contracts, presenting new products, etc.), organizing a conference, promoting a brand, or providing staff […]

How much does it cost to charter a Yacht from Below Deck?

Below Deck Yacht

If you’ve watched Below Deck or Below Deck Mediterranean, you have surely been absorbed by the captivating drama of the cast’s lives. But more stunning than the cast are the beautiful superyachts that serve as the stage for the drama. But how much does it cost?   It costs $140,000 to $275,000 per week to […]

10 Reasons to Travel by Private Superyacht

Travel with private superyacht is fun

10 Reasons to travel by a private Superyacht. They provide the ultimate travel experience, allowing you to explore Europe’s — and the world’s — majestic coastal towns from the privacy, seclusion, and relaxation of a spacious, amenity-rich vessel. These benefits make travel by private superyacht more appealing to those who prefer to travel in luxury. […]

Getting married on a Luxury Yacht

Getting married on a Luxury Yacht makes your wedding special

Suppose you’re looking for one of the best ways to make your wedding party or ceremony the latest highlight in town to create a unique and lasting impression for your beloved bride, family, and guests. In that case, you may have to consider getting married on board a luxury yacht. This special experience will create […]

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